The curious origin of the Halloween pumpkin and how to decorate it easily

The autumn It stands out precisely for being a wonderful station, where we can enjoy a certain -and delicious- series of seasonal foods, as it also happens with other seasons of the year. In this time, for example, we can find the mushrooms, with the chestnuts, with the figs... and also with the known ones pumpkins.

This last food has become very popular since it began to be used on Halloween, becoming in fact the characteristic food and own par excellence of this almost international party.

And what is the origin of the popular Halloween pumpkin? Its origin seems to date back to 1860, and we find it precisely in Ireland, where it is said that there was a stingy and Irish quarrelsome, named Jack, who had such bad luck to meet the devil in a tavern during the Halloween (also known as Halloween Night).

This ill-fated man, due to his passion for alcoholic beverages, gave his soul to the devil in exchange for one last drink. For this, the devil was transformed into a coin with which to pay the tavern owner the precious liquid. However, Jack decided to take the coin at full speed and quickly put it in his purse.

Since Jack had a crucifix inside, the devil could not return to his original form, so he decided to reach another agreement with him: he would not let him leave until he promised he would not ask for his soul again within 10 days. years. By way of blackmail, the devil had no choice but to accept his proposal.

After 10 years, Jack was reunited with the devil in the field. The goal of the latter was to take his soul, but before that Jack thought about how to get out of that situation, and asked the devil if he could bring him an apple that was on the tree opposite.

The devil, who thought that nothing would happen to approach him, but Jack had carved a cross on the trunk of the tree, again leaving the devil trapped on top of the tree. Again, the intelligent drunkard made the devil promise that he would never ask for his soul. He accepted, and Jack erased the cross.

A few years later Jack finally died, but because he had been a drunkard, a swindler and a sinner all his life, he could not enter heaven. So he tried to enter hell, but the devil rejected him for the treatment they had reached years ago.

Since the way back was quite dark, the devil gave Jack a lit coal to give him light and guide him in the dark. Finally, so that it does not go out, the legend tells that Jack decided to put it inside a pumpkin that he was eating so that it would not go out with the wind ...

How to decorate your own pumpkin for Halloween easily

You need:

  • A pumpkin

  • A saw knife

  • Candles

  • Marker of black color

Steps to decorate the pumpkin for Halloween:

1. First you must wash the pumpkin well and clean it with a dry cloth.

2. Then, you should cut it at the top, so you can see inside.

3. Once this is done, remove all its seeds and meat, and try to leave the bottom as smooth as you can (in this way you will prevent the lit candle from falling).

4. Now you must make the drawing you want on the outside of the pumpkin.

5. Once you have done them, you must cut such drawings with the saw knife, so that you can see inside.

6. Finally, remove the excess parts and make sure that when you are going to use it, it is in a straight position so that it does not fall.

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