The dance, inner and outer strength. Its incredible benefits

Moving to the sound of music brings many benefits for the body and also for the mind. Did you know that many calories are spent? Each type of dance also has its particularities. At home, in the gym or in a specialized center, everyone chooses where to learn to dance or simply to do non-stop exercises.

One of the advantages of this discipline is that it adapts to all types of ages. That is, it is recommended for young children, in order to develop movements in different parts of the body and listen to melodies, also for adults to disconnect and is totally feasible in the third age in order to avoid sedentary life, among other advantages.

What are the benefits of dancing?

Express feelings and emotions

Dancing is emotion. It allows us to show and bring to light thousands of sensations thanks to the passion that many feel when it comes to dancing. They already say that dancing is an art and, with the different movements, all kinds of emotions are transmitted, both to others and to ourselves. It is therefore a clear exercise of positivism to let the mind work without realizing it.

Promote sociability

The dance is an exercise that can be practiced alone or in a group, and therefore encourages contact with others. For many people it is a way of emotional escape and it is useful to meet people who are connected to each other by the same hobby or hobby. All this brings together experiences, as well as having fun, the dance creates a different atmosphere and an atmosphere aimed at feeling better about ourselves.

Many people manage to open up and live new adventures thanks to the dance. It allows them to overcome shyness, gain self-confidence and transmit it to others. For this it is better that in the classes you start by learning a series of steps and be able to overcome as the days go by. The goal is to learn different choreographies and move.

Exercise and movement

It is clear that with dance we activate. We leave behind the sedentary life that we lead and it is considered one of the best exercises that exist. In fact, in gymnasiums, several directed classes are dance: like zumba, aerobics, belly dancing, salsa and others.

It is clear that it is aerobic exercise, which also provide muscle strength, stretching, flexibility and cardiovascular exercise. It also strengthens the bones and helps in the functioning of the joints. We say that it is a complete exercise because it also improves flexibility. When dancing, the muscles stretch and strength, agility and coordination are gained.

Good for the heart

Another of its advantages is the health that gives the body in general. As we have pointed out the cardiovascular exercise is total, because the American Heart Association recommends it to reduce the risk of suffering diseases that are related to the heart. And it improves circulation, in addition to strengthening the lungs.

To lose weight

With aerobic exercise the amount of energy expended is very large. What's more, some studies indicate that half an hour of dancing means spending around 300 calories. It is a viable exercise for those people who need to reduce their weight and for those who perform diet, by mixing a healthy diet with the practice of weekly exercise. It is clear that to reduce weight you can not do a single dance class, the rhythm should be something constant on a weekly basis.

Improve memory

On a cognitive level, dancing stimulates memory. Choreographies and music give way to a dance that is not always the same, because it takes physical agility but also mental to memorize steps, music, exercises ...

Out of stress, hello wellness

Another reason that many people choose dance as a sport is because it takes them away from daily problems. The dance is fast, it does not allow us to think more than about the music and the movements we make. For this reason it fights stress and eliminates those negative thoughts. The increase in well-being is total, because sports in general increase the production of endorphins and hormones that are linked to the feeling of happiness, and therefore, of well-being. This article is published for informational purposes only. It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Psychologist. We advise you to consult your trusted Psychologist.

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