The haircut according to your face: how to choose it easily

As every woman has a different physiognomy, there are many haircuts. Choosing the one that favors us the most is not so complicated, although it is true that we must pay special attention to some aspects that would help us when choosing the one that favors us the most.

One of the most important issues or elements, and that in reality few women pay attention, is the case of type of face that we have. And is that depending on the type of face, mark that we can be better in a different hair style.

Therefore, it is essential - and very useful - to know the perfect haircut according to your face. We explain how to choose it easily.

Useful tips to choose the haircut depending on your face

Know about our physiognomy

Part of the success of the haircut favors us depends on our physiognomy. For this, we should know very well if we have a long, round or oval face. If we do not have it very clear, we can ask our hairdresser or esthetician because she knows about the study of the face and the features.

Round faces

The round faces are really sweet and allow a lot of haircuts and hairstyles. Normally, the features are soft and the chin is not very pronounced and round.

In this case, the haircut can go from short, because the face will look more, half-length, which goes to the shoulders. It is better not to cover the face too much with the hair to accentuate the face of a round and pretty face.

Square faces

In this case, the features will be somewhat rougher, because the square faces usually have an angular jaw, cheekbones and broad forehead. The long haircuts will favor the features of the face. If the forehead is very wide, you can leave bangs, try a bob style or opt for wavy or loose curls.

It is also favorable semi-short hair in layers, always with some volume to favor the face.

Oval faces

This type of physiognomy is similar to the round face but it is not usually asymmetric, that is, we see that it is somewhat longer than the previous one. The oval face allows diversity of different haircuts: medium hair, longer or shorter. It is the style of face that best suits one type of hair or another. For this type of face the fringes are also very good on the side, they make the view go towards a part of the face.

In oval faces it favors a long hair with the stripe in the middle, but better that it is not a very smooth or straight hair, with some waves, the face will be much more favored.

Elongated faces

Here the features are also more marked, and the appearance is less sweet than the round face. To disguise the long face, which can lead to a more tired or rough look, it is vital to offer some undulations and be guided by an asymmetric and not straight hair style. The short hair is not flattering, contrary to what happened with the round faces.

Triangular faces

For this type of face, it is best to opt for hair based on long layers because it helps to soften the features. The waves should be soft, no curls very rebellious. Here we can also leave straight bangs.

On the other hand, it is best to leave a very marked fringe. And for this face there are the two extremes, from very short hair to long with volume.

Other useful tips that will help you

Take advantage of yourself

When we already know each other and we know the type of face we have, then we must take out parties of ourselves through the haircut.

This means that we will cover the pronounced fronts with the fringe, disguise the large eyes with undulations or the somewhat larger nose with a fringe on the side and cut like layers. At the same time, each one has a definite style, there is someone who is a bit more classic and then there are the daring ones, who choose carded, colored hairs or who attract a lot of attention.

What fringe goes better with you?

The most classic and straight fringe is better for those women who have a long face or broad forehead. It is an ideal fringe for prominent front and chin faces. While the bangs short or half front is much more suitable for those with a broad face. ThemesHair

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