The healing power of music

There's nothing more relaxing than listening to a little Relaxing music while, for example, we find ourselves reading our favorite book, or simply when we want to relax a little after a busy and difficult day.

Just as there is nothing better to stimulate them than to listen to music that helps us increase our mood, and even activate us to perform certain tasks or jobs.

The truth is that, since it exists, music has become an ideal option to improve or alleviate our mood, hence the existence of Music therapy as therapy thanks to the healing power of music.

It has been shown in fact that there are many different benefits that music brings us, more still not only in the treatment of different diseases or as a technique to solve certain disorders. Also to improve our health and even our mood.

Emotional effects of music

Music is able to change - and improve - our mood. In fact, depending on the type of music we are listening to, it has the ability to make us happy (thus increasing our mood), or to calm down. Everything will depend on the rhythm and type of music that we choose.

The music becomes an excellent means of expression, constituting itself as a good way to transmit what we feel and not do it precisely through words or images.

Physiological effects of music

From a physiological point of view, Music influences our heart rate, accelerating or becoming slower to the point that they synchronize with the musical rhythms of the songs we are listening to.

Depending also on the musical rhythm, music also influences the blood pressure, so that the blood pressure increases if the music stimulates and activates us, or decreases in calmer songs.

It is also known that music is capable of influencing stomach contractions, in addition to modifying hormonal levels.

If for example you want to enjoy the best relaxing music in these moments, we suggest you listen relaxing online music of the collection of videos that we indicated in a previous note. In another case, if you want to enjoy good music to rest, it is best to take a look at the best music to sleep.

We leave you below with some interesting videos about the music therapy and the healing power of music:

The healing power of music: Robin Spielberg at TEDxLancaster (March 2023)