The main enemies of hair in summer

During the summer season the hair is usually dried in the sun and, although everything is much more comfortable, the hair is often punished too much. There are many factors, such as high temperatures, which make the hair should be taken care of more in certain seasons of the year.

The sun's own rays cause the hair to dry out, because even if it is better to let it dry in the open air, there are conditioning factors that turn the hair into something similar to a scouring pad.

The enemies of the hair

The salt of the beach

It is fascinating to be able to lie on the sand and swim in the sea. While seawater can go well for the skin, but seriously harms the hair by drying it too much and breaking the internal structure and even changing its color. As a result, the hair is dry, lacks softness and volume, and the tips open. With this it becomes much more brittle.

Chlorine in the pool

In the same way as sea salt, chlorine is also bad for hair. Chlorine usually contains various microorganisms that spoil the hair, dry it, make it brittle and also change the colors of the hair, especially the dyes.

Beach sand

Not only does salt hurt the hair when we go to the beach. The sand also penetrates the hair, because it is everywhere, including sea water, and causes significant dehydration and oxidation.

Air conditioner

They are the favorite of summer to pass the heat. Abrupt temperature changes, sudden and cold heat when entering a house, store or office, for example, damage the structure of the hair. The skin in general weakens with lack of hydration.


As we noted at the beginning of the article, the sun and heat are enemies of the hair, especially because it penetrates and affects the deeper layers, weakening it. Therefore, after the summer ends, the hair looks bad and, in that case, it should be repaired immediately.

Tips to prevent hair from drying

All these factors leave the hair coarse, straight, lifeless ... to avoid it we can put remedy with masks and shampoos to give more hydration to the hair during the summer. Hydration will really be the key to surviving the summer months. It is important that, before and after going to the beach or the pool, we take into account the moisturizers because they are the best allies to protect the hair but not greased as often happens with some conditioners.

Using shampoos with keratin, since the beginning of summer, will help restructure the hair fiber, make it stronger and silkier and always improve its appearance.

When we go to the beach, it is important to combat the effects of sea and salt water, and immediately, after each bath, we must first rinse the hair with fresh water. Then apply the proper shampoo and moisturizer to make the hair shine and weaken.

Many girls enter the sea or leave it with a bun or ponytail on top. This is a mistake especially if we have already wet our hair before, because the collected do nothing but crack the hair and it breaks more easily.

When it comes to making dyes or wicks, it is better to do it long before the summer, because both the color treatments and the discolorations in summer make the hair weaker and change color by sea salt and the chlorine from the pool. Especially, blond hair can turn a greenish color.

Wash your hair in summer

For this purpose, products that are as natural as possible will be used, that is, without parabens, sulphates and chlorines. It is recommended to use those shampoos that contain all kinds of repairing agents for hair exposed to the sun. Always apply the mask to protect the hair, and wear sunscreen. In addition, the Argan oil, among others, are repairing and totally protective to keep the hair hydrated also in the summer season. In addition, at home you can make special creams with various oils. ThemesHair

Do You Know Summer Sun is Enemy For Hair (June 2024)