The motivation to achieve goals and success. Benefits and principles

Motivation is one of the keys to follow with the objectives that one sets in the personal as well as in the labor field. From Maslow's theory, where the most basic principles of necessity to the newest are established, the motivation has existed to empower and bring out the best in the human being.

In psychology, the motivation is directed towards the internal states that determine the organism towards certain goals or goals, encompassing impulses that move every person to perform various actions. At present, it is important to be better, to acquire well-being and to offer the support needed to move forward.

Some theories of motivation that are currently applied

We have already named Maslow, who launched the Needs of Maslow, in 1943, where the basic principles that mark guidelines to incentivize us are marked. This theory focuses on needs, some basic, and when met and satisfied, then one tries to achieve other needs. Another of the theories that speaks of motivation is that of McClelland, which encompasses three types of motivation: achievement, power and affiliation. The first focuses on success, the second on influencing and controlling other people and obtaining recognition of them, and the third is linked to friendly and close interpersonal relationships.

There are more theories to apply on a day-to-day basis. Highlights Locke's Goal Setting Theory, which defines the goal as what a person strives to achieve. Already the same intention to reach a goal is a basic source of motivation. For the objectives to be highlighted and useful they must be specific, difficult and challenging, but always possible to achieve.

Benefits of motivation

Not only to follow the goals is the purpose of the motivation. It makes us alert, it makes us better organized, it gives us the energy we need to face a hard day ...

Positive thinking

One of the benefits of motivation is that it "forces" us, in some way, to think positive. This causes many negative acts to be erased and depression, anxiety and all that negative to disappear.

Greater energy

Motivation offers us great doses of adrenaline and energy. We feel eager to do things and therefore we perceive emotion, illusion and feelings that give us strength to move forward.

In favor of health

It is clear that motivation keeps all those who feel this way for more time healthy. Positive thinking is good for the psyche, and therefore, also in the organisms and the physical state of people.

Conversion to leaders

Many times people who are more motivated end up dragging others so they are also motivated to do one or another action. It is then when they can become leaders, to stand out from the rest, move masses and infect this feeling and the great energy that comes off thanks to motivation.

Higher productivity

Not only within a company, but also in daily life, among the advantages of motivation we find productivity. Those who feel motivated, get organized better, and get results before. That is why they are said to be more productive.

Overcome the crisis

Personal, work ... in every way. The crisis can come in many ways and if we settle in it, we go wrong. Motivation then resurfaces to chart a way forward and help us overcome the worst moments, such as crisis seasons.

Success in business

For a business to go well, several factors are needed, many of which may be external to our person, but motivation will be an essential part of the company moving forward.

The motivated entrepreneur can and should lead his team to success, and this happens by motivating them constantly, and if they are happy, the service will be performed well, successfully and more quickly.

Keys to encourage motivation

Leading an active and healthy life is the key for motivation to enter our lives. Another characteristic is to set some goals to meet and try to make each day closer, surpassing ourselves. This article is published for informational purposes only. It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Psychologist. We advise you to consult your trusted Psychologist.

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