The power to change things resides in oneself

When an unfortunate event occurs in our lives, we always accuse our bad luck. However, many times we do not realize that the power to change things if they go wrong, resides only in ourselves. Do not you believe this premise at all ?.

The truth is we all have the ability to be able to change thingsEspecially when things are going badly In the same way we can also see things differently when something happens to us that we did not really want, either because we do not get the plan we thought, we did not reach our goals, we argue with someone we love ... It is possible to change your mind and so have a much more positive attitude in life.

You have the power to change things

First of all, try

There are many occasions that we complain about our own situation alleging that we will always do badly, whatever we do. Anyway, have you ever wondered what would happen if you changed 'Modus operandi' before acting? Perhaps you are pleasantly surprised because the final result can change radically and in many occasions you will not have to make much effort to achieve it.

This happens a lot with personal relationships, which can become a headache if both parties are not willing to "give your arm to twist" for mere pride. Faced with this situation, it is best that you try to change your behavior and you will surely see the results if the other party is really willing to make peace with you. From there, you can already implement the attitude of change to any area of ​​your life and I'm sure that in the long run you will be better off.

You know yourself better than anyone

Here we could give you hundreds of tips on how you should change, but the truth that would seem counterproductive to us. No one knows himself better than you and that is why you are the ones who know best what your advantages and disadvantages are as a person. Once you know them in depth, you will be able to act accordingly and carry out any change in your lives.

As we have explained in previous articles, it is not necessary that these changes are radical from the beginning. With being small from the start, and always carried out from a realistic premium (knowing your strengths and weaknesses) this will give you much more strength and energy to face any setbacks in the future.

Nobody said it was easy

We have already made the determination that the power of change resides in ourselves and that is why we have decided to make decisions in our day to day that help us to live better. However, we have to tell you that at the beginning it will not be easy at all. It is very comfortable in each one's comfort zone and I'm sure it gives you a bit of laziness to get out of there.

But the one who really wants something, something costs him. Nobody said that anything in this life would be easy. So we have no choice but to be positive and put all our enthusiasm into what we are doing. The road itself will be hard, but once we reach the "final goal" you will surely realize that all the effort will have been worthwhile, something that will give you much more strength to move forward and face future challenges with much more optimism.

Remember that you are the owners of your own life and ABSOLUTELY no one should tell you how to act. Although this does not mean that your closest friends or relatives can advise you or give your own point of view at any given time. But at the moment of truth, you will be the only ones who are going to make that important decision.

For all this, we invite you to leave aside the pessimism in your lives and "fuck the bull" by the horns when making decisions. You have to keep in mind that we are in this world to first be happy and get part of what is otherwise, something that we can only do with a positive attitude in life that will help you to have more self-esteem and confidence in yourself. This article is published for informational purposes only. It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Psychologist. We advise you to consult your trusted Psychologist.

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