The risks of oral sex

The oral sex it consists in giving stimulation with the mouth, tongue and lips of the passive individual to the couple. It is one of the most pleasurable sexual practices that couples use and although there are risks of suffering from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), factors and consequences of sexual activity are eliminated; which makes this practice a very popular one.

Being cunnilingus and fellatio a practice conceived in the old age, of a common nature in actively sexual societies and being an object of study illustrated by different cultures; At present there is no taboo with this practice and is commonly performed by both heterosexual and homosexual couples.

Although couples are at lower risk of transmitting or acquiring diseases (STDs) during oral sex practices than anal or vaginal penetration, there is the possibility of contracting them if adequate prevention measures are not taken and the state of health is not known. of the couple.

What are your risks?

Knowing this, here are the active risks when practicing oral sex:

The most indispensable thing is to know the couple adequately and maintain good health, regularly visiting a specialized doctor to know about any health problem that may be suffering.

It is important that couples are well informed so as not to go through awkward moments and to prevent illnesses and conditions related to sex in time. It is also prudent to point out that people who constantly change partners are more prone to suffer from sexually transmitted diseases.

Sexually transmitted diseases

The human papilloma virus (HPV) It is the most common sexually transmitted disease among people and there are even those who suffer from it for some time before they learn about the disease. It is dangerous because it causes genital warts in people and can lead to some types of cancer such as cancer of the oropharynx and cancer of the cervix in women.

There is no treatment that cures the virus, however at present there are vaccines that reduce their effects and contraction.

Collapse the Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV-AIDS), is one of the risks run by individuals who practice oral sex. Like any other way of practicing sex, this virus can be transmitted through blood, semen and vaginal fluids; There is no cure and it is very difficult to control, especially in advanced stages.

The gonorrhea It is a sexually transmitted disease that can be transmitted or contracted through oral sex and produces painful infections in the genitals, rectum and throat in affected people.

The syphilis It is a sexually transmitted disease that can be contracted through oral sex, causing damage to people who, if not treated in time, could cause damage to vital organs, blindness, fevers, headaches and even cause death.

The chlamydia It is a disease that can also be difficult to get through oral sex, causing symptoms similar to those of a cold in patients.


The Herpes, also know as herpes labialis, can be transmitted through the practice of oral sex and is a sexually transmitted disease that causes the appearance of sores in the area of ​​the genitals, rectum and anus. Although it is not very common, there is also a risk of developing mouth cancer, which is also associated with HPV.

Other diseases

In addition to this it is possible to get gastrointestinal diseases and even type A and B hepatitis if oral sex is practiced with contact with the anus.

Although the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases through oral sex is not so high, it is important that people maintain a good sex education in addition to maintaining hygiene and health care.

It is advisable to visit a specialist doctor regularly in order to carry out studies and exams that reveal good health or the appearance of some of these diseases.

Similarly, people should avoid performing oral sex to people who suffer from these diseases, people who do not know well or who suspect they have a disease.

It is also not advisable to practice oral sex with women in their menstrual state. Contraceptive methods such as condom use are very helpful when it comes to preventing sexually transmitted diseases.

Sex Tips: 3 Health Risks Of Oral Sex You Should Not Ignore (Risks Of Oral Sex) (June 2024)