The sweet coal of Magi: Why is it given to naughty children?

"If you behave badly during the year, the Three Kings will bring you coal." This is one of the cruelest phrases which we have had to deal with throughout our childhood. Before Christmas came, many of us were already thinking about what events or actions could negatively affect the gifts of January 6.

We literally ate our heads thinking if we were really good people so that the Three Majesties coming from the East They did not have problems in dropping by our house accompanied in addition to their camels to which we used to say a couple of milk bowls.

In my case, I can say that I always had a clear conscience. During the first decade of my childhood I was characterized for having a very affable and calm character with which my parents were delighted. However, I did have friends that even crossed their fingers as of December 25 because his behavior had left a lot to be desired throughout the year.

The origin of the coal of the Magi: El Carbonilla

But why is this dark candy given to those children who have behaved badly? Well, there are a lot of legends and stories that affirm that this came in reality from the ashes of the remains of the incense Y myrrh that they had given to the baby Jesus.

From that moment, the figure of the Cinder, a page of the Magi that the legend said that is dedicated to monitor to those children who have a conflictive behavior with their parents and friends during the previous year.

When this character gathered all the necessary information, then he went directly to Their Majesties to "Chivarles" this information and then replace all your gifts for a portion of sweet coal.

Coal sweet: San Nicolás and Pedro El Negro

There are also other sources that claim that this tradition comes directly from San Nicolás (or Santa Claus in this case). As many of you know, this character is dedicated every year to go down the chimneys of every home in the world with the aim of leaving a couple of gifts next to the Christmas tree.

All accompanied by some sweets that usually leave tucked in socks very close to the fireplace. However, all those little ones who misbehave throughout the year, receive instead a couple of servings of charcoal from Pedro El Negro, an assistant of Papa Nöel who also traveled in reindeer.

Moreover, this character could have a much darker origin from the Wars of Flanders. It was thought that Pedro was really a diabolical character from the Kingdom of Spain who always lived in a coal mine.

Because she did not like children, during Christmas Eve she dedicated herself to giving charcoal to those who had behaved badly and spoiling their Christmas illusion of receiving their gifts. Even other darker legends claimed that he used to kidnap the little ones and then put them in a sack full of rotten rats. Seeing is believing!.

The coal of the greedy gnome of the Grimm brothers

Also, there are other ancient beliefs how little they have that have little to do with the Christian tradition. A clear example of this we see with the story " The gifts of the Gnomes " of the Grimm brothers. In this story, the life of an avaricious goldsmith of treasures and ample fortunes was related, that after working hard in the mines, he always got up the next day with the pockets full of coal.

From there, it He extrapolated this moral to those little ones who always misbehaved, alleging that fate would "punish" them with good portions of sweet coal so that their behavior would be corrected for later years.

One way or another, from NatureVia we sincerely hope that Your Majesties will give you the gifts that you really deserve and you can enjoy them with the company of your friends and close relatives accompanied by a portion of Roscón de Reyes. ThemesChristmas

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