The wonderful Mayan legend of chocolate

Do you know that the chocolate, or rather the cocoa, comes from Mexico? It dates back to almost 4000 years, there being both historical and archaeological evidence to the year 2000 BC, to find a first small village located in the valley of Ulua (Honduras) in which chocolate had a central role, with the presence of cups which were used exclusively in the preparation and consumption of Xocoatl (the original chocolate drink).

In fact, the cacao tree (known scientifically with the name ofTheobroma cocoa) grew naturally in the different rainforests present in the Orinoco and Amazonas, beginning to grow in Central America.

Shortly thereafter, in the time of the Aztecs, the cocoa beans were used as currency, until someone crushed the seeds and mixed them with water, discovering a wonderful and authentic drink.

The word cocoa comes from the Aztec word "cacahuatl". For the Mayans it symbolized longevity, strength and physical vigor, so that it was used not only as an aphrodisiac drink but as a stimulating, relaxing and restorative medicine.

It was they who began to make a brew of bitter and sparkling flavor known as " chocolha", Made from cocoa seeds and that was accompanied by corn, spices or hot pepper.

But you can not tell the story and origin of chocolate without remembering the wonderful Mayan legend of chocolate. A legend that has reached our days and that describes the history of cocoa.

The legend of chocolate

Quetzalcoatl He was considered by the Maya as the God of Wisdom. Legend has it that one day he descended with the Toltecs giving them some gifts: for example, he made them owners of beans, corn and yucca, giving them the possibility that they would never lack any food.

Thanks to this they were able to spend their hours studying, becoming great and wonderful sculptors, artisans and architects. Shortly after, as a sign of his love for the Toltecs, he decided to give them a plant that Quetzalcoatl had previously stolen from his brothers.

He took the bush with red leaves and planted it in the fields of tula. So, she asked Xochiquetzal to decorate her with her flowers and Tlaloc to feed her with her rain.

With the passage of time the bush grew and began to bear fruit. This was how he taught him to pick them up, toast them, grind them and beat them with water in jicaras. This is how they obtained the Chocolate, a wonderfully magical drink that only the nobles, priests and gods could enjoy.

But the people began to consume this rich drink, thus converting the Toltecs into wise artists and builders, thanks to the stimulating and restorative qualities of chocolate. This aroused the envy and fury of the gods.

One day one of the gods disguised himself as a merchant, and offered Quetzalcoatl a drink called tlachihuitli with which he promised to forget his problems and sorrows. The god got drunk deep and quickly, and felt so much dishonor and shame towards his brothers that he decided to leave forever.

But on his departure, just before leaving, he noticed that all the cocoa plants had dried up. It was when he threw the last cocoa seeds in Neonalco (present-day Tabasco), that they finally flourished under his hand and reached our days. ThemesChocolate

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