The worst foods you can eat during a diet to lose weight

When a diet of slimming is followed it is fundamental and essential to always keep in mind what foods are the most suitable, and which ones are not, given that it is not the same to opt for foods with a high content of fats and simple carbohydrates than to consume rich foods in fiber and in complex carbohydrates, which especially have an adequate fat content.

On the other hand, even when following a diet with the objective of losing weight, it is not the same to consume foods rich in healthy fats (as is the case with olive oil and its high content of healthy fatty acids) than those that only contribute Saturated fats Y Trans fat.

In fact, as many scientists warn, eating 5 grams of trans fat every day increases the risk of heart attack by 25%. Therefore it is essential to know what we eat at all times, to always choose a balanced and varied diet, but above all be as healthy as possible.

So, for example, when we follow a diet of slimming there is no doubt that the best foods that we could consume when we are following a diet of losing weight are all those that are healthy and healthy, low in fat and rich, however, in ideal nutrients for the correct functioning of our body.

But there are a series of foods that we could consider "forbidden" to lose weight. Which? Those that, fundamentally, are rich in fats and sugars, which only contribute empty calories.

List of foods prohibited in slimming diets

Pastry products, pastries and cookies

The one known as industrial pastries, among which we find buns filled with cream or cocoa, croissants, cookies ... it tends to be very rich in Trans fat, which are formed during the industrial hardening process that converts liquid vegetable oil into a much more solid and unctuous fat.

Therefore, these types of products are not recommended at all not only in weight loss diets, but in our daily diet, and we should only consume them from time to time.

Why? Very simple: they are less healthy, unfortunately however they tend to be the most frequent, and tend to increase the LDL cholesterol (also known as bad) and reduce HDL (or good) cholesterol.

Breakfast sweetened cereals

Nowadays, we find a wide variety of products in supermarkets breakfast cereals They are sold as suitable from a nutritional point of view, because in their composition they have added different vitamins and minerals, especially mainly focused on children's consumption.

But they have a very serious disadvantage: they are tremendously rich in sugars, so that not only are they not suitable for slimming diets, but even for the infant feeding itself.

This means that they have a high glycemic index, can cause serious effects for the function of our kidneys, raising in turn the risk of diabetes.

Salty snacks, potatoes and fried foods

It is very common to take a bag of chips to the beach or to the pool, since we think that an aperitif of this type will not hurt us, even when we are following a diet of weight loss.

Although it is true that doing it very occasionally is not a problem, the reality is that French fries contain a carcinogenic substance, known as glycidamide, which we also find in other foods fried at high temperatures (when the oil exceeds 120 degrees centigrade).

To this we must add its high content in saturated fats, and therefore in calories.

Other foods

In addition to the foods listed above, there are also others that are not recommended if you follow a diet of weight loss. They are the following: non-integral pasta (because they are rich in simple carbohydrates), ice cream, white sugar, sugary drinks (such as fruit juices and soft drinks) and alcoholic beverages. This article is published for informational purposes only. You can not and should not replace the consultation with a Nutritionist. We advise you to consult your trusted Nutritionist. ThemesSlimming Diet

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