These are the best fruits to eat after meals

We are probably facing the eternal debate. A debate similar to others such as whether or not it is appropriate to drink water before, during or after meals. Or, even if eating the fruit before or after meals fattens more or less. They are, as we see, debates, questions or doubts related to each other and that have always been there, even though in most cases they have already been widely resolved and answered.

To give just one example, some time ago we asked ourselves an interesting question: Is it appropriate to eat fruit before or after meals?. It is, as you can imagine, a question that ultimately many people raise each day at lunchtime.

It is quite probable that the belief that eating fruit after meals is inadequate comes from the thought that the fruit ferments in the stomach, especially when we eat it after having eaten.

As the scientific evidence shows in this sense, the truth is that in reality we are faced with an unfounded myth: the fruit does not ferment in the stomach, even if it is taken before or after having eaten. That is, it is a completely wrong belief.

We could explain it more literally: the stomach is not a department divided into different compartments and different heights; in this way, if the fruit is taken at the end of the meal, it does not mean that it ends up staying in the upper part of the stomach, and therefore it could end up fermenting. Not at all, given that the foods that we have ingested tend to mix together with the gastric juices, so that in the end the fruit is not separated from the rest of the food.

Another thing, and hence possibly the belief that the fruit could ferment in our stomach, is that there are some people who have problems with digestion or that ultimately their stomach is more delicate, so that when eating fruit for dessert feel heaviness Stomach or digestive discomfort. But this discomfort should not and can not be related to the fermentation of fruits, which in reality does not occur as such.

That does not mean that if there are fruits that tend to be much more suitable to take after meals, above all because help in the process of digestion, especially in the digestion of certain foods or foods. It is the case of the fruits that we indicate to you next.

The best fruits to eat for dessert after meals

1. The papaya

The papaya It is considered one of the most digestive fruits, thanks to the fact that it contains papain, an enzyme with incredible digestive properties, which helps to make the process of digestion better accelerating the digestion, decomposition and absorption of proteins and fats. It is very similar to pepsin, an enzyme that we find present in our own gastric juices.

It is especially recommended after a protein-rich meal, by helping to stimulate digestion.

On the other hand, it is also useful in case of different digestive conditions, as it can be the case of acidity of stomach (when contributing to neutralize the excess of acidity in our stomach) or gastritis, thanks to that it acts as softener and antiseptic on the digestive mucous membranes.

2. The pineapple

The pineapple It is another of the digestive fruit equally well known and popular, becoming in fact one of the most suitable fruits to ingest after having eaten animal proteins.

Why? Very simple: contains an enzyme known by the name of bromelain, a natural substance that we find in the trunk of the pineapple, and that among other aspects helps digest proteins from food and transform them into amino acids, which later become part of our blood flow.

It is ideal to accelerate the process of digestion, and help in turn to improve the assimilation of nutrients. It is useful to make digestions much lighter and faster.

3. The kiwi

The Kiwi is another of the best known fruits for its incredible fiber richness. It's more, it becomes a tremendously digestive fruit, ideal for a good digestion.

On this occasion this quality is found by the presence in its composition of a proteolytic enzyme known as actidine, useful for digesting proteins better and in turn favoring digestion.

But as you can imagine, these digestive qualities are the same whether we consume them during meals or afterwards. Moreover, during meals can become an ideal healthy and nutritious option, being able to combine them better with salads, seeds and nuts. This article is published for informational purposes only.You can not and should not replace the consultation with a Nutritionist. We advise you to consult your trusted Nutritionist.

Should fruits be taken before or after a meal? - Ms. Sushma Jaiswal (June 2024)