Three disappointments that are part of our lives

Although we do not want it, disappointments make an appearance even in the most unexpected moments. They are situations in which it seems that the world is coming on us because they have no solution. However, this is where we have to draw strength from weakness to overcome them and thus be able to look forward as soon as possible

It is important to realize that there are disappointments that seem to be inherent in the human being. Everyone has suffered them once. Hence, we must have a cold mind to understand that sooner or later we overcome them.

For this reason, through this article we are going to tell you some of the disappointments that you will inevitably have to deal with in your life. Surely many of you have already overcome them but it is not wrong to remember them in case a friend ever needs a man to rely on in the form of advice and help.

Amorous disappointments

It seems that the world ends when that beloved and beloved person decides to leave on our side. However, this is something more common than you think. How many ruptures will occur a day around the world ?.

Well sure there will be a few thousand and many of them with very similar patterns: "I no longer feel the same "," It's not for you "," We can still be friends ... "," I love you as a friend ". These are the typical phrases that are said to alleviate the pain of a person when he suffers a loving disappointment.

In reality it does not matter what they tell us and how they tell us. If someone has decided to leave our side (for whatever reason) we just have to wish him luck in his life without grudges.

It may be a moment of a great emotional duel and surely you will suffer. But nobody has died yet for lack of love. And surely sooner or later you will meet another person who loves you more and even with whom you get along better. Once you overcome it, look at the past with a certain sense of humor and you will realize that any pothole can be overcome.

Disappointments in the workplace

Look at the curriculum of any mature person. Surely throughout his life he has had more than four or five jobs, very different from each other. In fact, many of them may not have much to do with their studies and training giving us an idea of ​​how versatile we can become.

By this we mean that sooner or later we will have to deal with layoffs, ill-behaved customers, bad payers or despotic bosses since they are part of the world and work environment.

Moreover, we may be dismissed for some negligence on our part. But neither is it the end of the world. When this happens, you just have to learn from the mistakes and try to correct them so that they do not happen again in the future.

In this way, when we face another opportunity in a new job, we will know very well what our strengths and weaknesses are as professionals in order to be able to encourage them and get out much more reinforced. You have to keep in mind that nobody has managed to become a teacher in their field without having failed or having faced all kinds of disappointments.

Friendly disappointments

Since we began to have a certain age and go abroad, we started to meet all kinds of people who in the long run can become friends for life. In this process we can also make friendships that for the situation will only be with us for a short space of time and then we will not see them again. There will also be others with whom we realize that we are not completely compatible, due to very different personalities.

And finally, there will be others that despite being really similar to us, will be removed from our side by insurmountable differences. In short, surely sooner or later we will have friends who for whatever reason come out of our lives. And it may not be the fault of either party.

With all this we want to tell you simply that we should not fall apart. Here it happens a bit like with the disappointments of love. Surely in the coming weeks, months or years more people will cross our path with which we can have a friendship that lasts for life. This article is published for informational purposes only. It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Psychologist. We advise you to consult your trusted Psychologist.

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