Three green kiwis a day to improve constipation

As we have already mentioned on several occasions, the constipation it is a problem that increasingly affects a greater number of people, estimating that currently it affects approximately 20% of the adult Spanish population, with a greater incidence in women over men. It can originate, among other causes, by following a diet or a diet low in fiber, or by maintaining a sedentary lifestyle with little or no practice of physical exercise.

Recently, thanks to a study promoted by Zespri in Spain published in the Spanish Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics and entitled "Improvement of functional constipation with the intake of kiwi in a Mediterranean population", we have known that take 3 green kiwis daily improves constipation, since its intake facilitates the evacuations and in turn increases the frequency of going to the bathroom.

In this study, a follow-up of five weeks was carried out among adult patients diagnosed with functional constipation, which were selected by 15 family doctors from 5 primary care centers in Barcelona. The first two weeks were of previous control with habitual diet, while in the three remaining weeks three were included in their diet green kiwis Hayward variety newspapers, without modifying the rest of their eating habits.

After only one week of kiwi consumption, 76% of the patients went to the bathroom at least once more a week than they did before, while at two weeks the percentage of patients with three or more weekly stools increased to 98%. This was an increase of 15% since the beginning of the study, at the same time that the weekly mean of evacuations was increased by 4.5 additional depositions.

On the other hand, the quality of evacuation also improved significantly, given that in the third week of consumption of kiwi twice as many patients had good quality stools.

It is evident that this study has shown that the daily consumption of green kiwis contributes to improve constipation and therefore the intestinal rhythm thanks to its high fiber content. In fact, it provides 3.7 grams of fiber per 100 kcal. contributed). In addition, the kiwi is rich in actinidin, an enzyme that helps digest proteins better. This article is published for informational purposes only. You can not and should not replace the consultation with a Nutritionist. We advise you to consult your trusted Nutritionist. ThemesConstipation

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