Throat infection: symptoms, causes and treatment

During the months of autumn and winter, the cases of both the common cold and the flu tend to increase more or less considerably, suffering from common symptoms that we all know: sore throat, malaise, headache, mucus and cough.

In this sense, especially in the case of influenza, one of the most common symptoms is the throat infection, which always attends inflammation and redness, in addition to pain Y pus production. This infection can be viral or bacterial. The most common appear as a result of a viral infection (as in the case of influenza, cold or mononucleosis), however the ones that tend to be more serious are those caused by a bacterial infection (such as streptococcus, hemophilus or mycoplasma) .

Symptoms of throat infection

The symptoms that commonly accompany a throat infection are the following:

  • Pain and discomfort in the throat, especially when swallowing or eating.
  • Redness in the area of ​​the throat.
  • Throat inflamation.
  • Pus production

What are your causes?

As we indicated at the beginning, we can basically find two types of throat infection, depending on whether it has been caused by a viral or bacterial infection:

  • Viral origin: it is due to a contagion due to a virus. It is the most common cause, as a result of viral infection. They arise in common diseases, such as flu, common colds and mononucleosis.
  • Bacterial origin: they are considered the most serious, which is why they should be treated medically quickly. Streptococcus, hemophilus or mycoplasma infections are common.

Treatment of throat infection

As we see, the treatment of throat infection depends on the cause that has produced its contagion, so we find that if the cause has been a bacterial infection antibiotics is the most effective medical treatment of choice, while in the case of viruses there is no effective treatment, only being palliative helping in the relief of symptoms.

  • Treatment in case of throat infection by bacteria: antibiotics are the most appropriate, being effective when the infection is caused by bacteria. Of course, they must always be prescribed by the doctor and taken only under their supervision.
  • Treatment in case of throat infection by virusAlthough it is the most common cause, there is no effective medical treatment as it does with bacterial infections. In this sense, the virus disappears as the body produces antibodies against it. Yes, however, useful medical treatments are used to relieve and reduce inflammation and pain. This is the case, for example, of those known as throat lozenges. You can also recommend medications such as acetaminophen, which being an analgesic helps reduce pain.

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