Tingling in the hands and carpal tunnel syndrome

The one called as carpal tunnel syndrome It is a frequent disease that, according to latest statistics, affects about 3% of the general population, with a higher incidence in the population of workers with significant physical activity in their hands.

It consists of one peripheral neuropathy which arises when the median nerve (which extends from the forearm to the hand) is trapped or pressed into the carpal tunnel, specifically at the level of the wrist.

This nerve controls the impulses of some small muscles in the hand that, among other aspects, allow mobility of the fingers and thumb, and also controls the sensations of the front of the fingers (except the little finger).

Among its most common symptoms, heat, cramps or numbness are usually felt in the fingers and in the palm of the hand, especially in the thumb and index and middle fingers. In addition, even if there is no apparent swelling, it is common to feel swollen and useless fingers.

In this sense, feel tingling in the hands It is usually one of the symptoms similarly related to this syndrome, which is felt specifically in the thumb, as well as in the second and third toes.

This tingling tends to increase gradually (like the rest of the symptoms), and pain may occur, alterations in sensitivity in touch and loss of strength.

Therefore, in view of the first related symptom that appears, it is advisable to consult the doctor, who will diagnose the possible existence of carpal tunnel syndrome and identify its cause (for example, in case of secondary carpal tunnel, its cause may be obesity). , diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, infections ...) so the primary cause must be treated first.

In those cases in which there is no apparent cause is advisable to prevent, adopting less traumatic wrist movement habits, resting every so often.

Since one of the causes is the continued use of the computer (especially keyboard and mouse), it is advised to change the keyboard for a more appropriate and use a suitable mouse pad to rest your wrist.

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