Tips and tricks of Feng Shui for the company

Undoubtedly work is a place where one spends a lot of hours during the day. An average workday is 8 to 9 hours away from home. Thus working in a field in which the climate is as harmonious as possible is fundamental. For this we can use the tricks and advice of feng shui to energize and take advantage of better possibilities within the framework of our professional responsibilities.

As a first advice we recommend that the space or the floor where you develop your professional activities be rectangular. A perfect rectangle or square assures you that all types of luck are possible.

Another basic principle of feng shui is to take care of the orientation of the place where one is situated to guide good fortune. If directed by a boss, the right thing to do is sit behind him because that means he backs you up and defends you.

Another important aspect to emphasize is the location of the premises. If the establishment is located on the street of a fast circulation or a busy avenue this can complicate the correct arrival of energy to the premises. This situation weakens the Chi of commerce.

Other negative aspects may be that the stained glass or canopies are exposed to the "evil breath" from nearby buildings such as commissaries, cemeteries, hospitals, abandoned land, water tanks, etc. To change this negative energy flow we must resort to adequate lighting strategies colors and some protections that filter the income of this Shar Chi (harmful energy).

Ambient temperature, ventilation and aromas are important factors for energy balance. It is proven that a well-ventilated and aromatized room with soft and pleasant fragrances retains the customer and increases sales.

Another important fact according to the principles of this millenary philosophy is to activate the northern sector of space with the water element. For this we can use water sources, aquariums or swimming pools.

Having long corridors behind the entrance door are bad conductors of energy. This problem can be overcome by placing objects such as plants or sculptures.

We must avoid excessive recharge of objects in the rooms, especially at the entrance of offices.

Other tips

Always sit in front of the door and with your back to the wall as it offers the feeling of safety and protection

Hang pictures of mountains on the wall or picture of a turtle on the back. This benefits you the feeling of security and protection.

Use green plants and flowers: they should be fresh and prevent them from wilting. Do not use cactus because its thorns generate conflict energies.

Hanging mirrors on the roofs of departments that work with sales will double customers.

With respect to the cash register preferably it should not be facing the entrance door for a security issue. It is ideal that the cashier is oriented towards one of the favorable directions of the owner of the premises.

The Chinese consider it very auspicious to place a mirror that reflects the image of the box, that is, of fortune. The mirrors can also cover walls, columns and showcases, multiplying the image of the products and customers, boost the energy of good fortune. ThemesFeng Shui Alternative Medicine

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