Tips for constipation: how to relieve it naturally

If you suffer from constipation, you should know that it is an uncomfortable problem that can have consequences. This digestive symptom is caused by different reasons, such as poor diet, traveling constantly, changes in habits, stress, not drinking enough water or age.

It is considered that one suffers constipation when going to the bathroom less than three times a week, or when the stools are very hard and it really costs to expel them.

Specifically, the prevalence of constipation in Spain is between 12% and 20%, according to data from the Spanish Foundation of the Digestive System. This symptom is usually twice as frequent in women as in men, and affects older people much more than 65 years of age.

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How to fight constipation

One of the bases to fight this problem is to change our way of life. That is, modify the dietary pattern incorporating a new one, with foods rich in fiber and drink plenty of water to regulate the intestine. We must join the healthy life.

How do we do it? We can start by quitting if we have this habit, reduce our consumption of alcohol if it is high and replace it with water and natural juices, and exercise regularly.

Natural tips to relieve constipation

Consume more fiber

In a natural way, one of the ways to end constipation is to increase our fiber intake. It is beneficial to promote intestinal transit. Nutritionists usually recommend between 20 and 35 grams of fiber a day, and we can find it in various foods.

It is therefore advisable to take foods rich in fiber such as spinach, tomatoes, lettuce, nuts, certain fruits, bran and other whole-wheat flours that facilitate good regulation of the intestine.

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Eat a certain fruit

Although good, not always all the fruit is beneficial to combat constipation. It is advisable to take the fruit with skin and drink juice with natural pulp. Well, in both the skin and the pulp tend to concentrate high amounts of fiber, and helps to go to the bathroom regularly.

Remove sweets and fats

With a healthy and balanced diet, we will win and we can avoid, to a greater extent, the problem of constipation. It is better not to eat processed foods, those rich in fat and excess sugar, because they make it difficult to eliminate stool.

Drink large amounts of juices and waters

Hydration is an important factor to consider when we want to say goodbye to constipation. Therefore, we will increase the water intake in our diet. It is said that we should drink 2 to 3 liters of water a day, as the intestine is stimulated. In the same way that it is good to take natural juices and infusions.

Choose the vegetables that we take

Vegetables and vegetables can be taken daily because they provide many nutrients for the body. Now, when we abuse the same vegetable, then we can suffer from constipation.

The trick is in the variety, because, in addition to enriching our diet, it will be beneficial to end the continuous episodes of constipation. Vegetables such as artichoke or cauliflower, although they have many vitamins and minerals, can be worse.

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Continued exercise

In addition to eating always varied, lead a healthy life can also make our bowel function on a regular basis.

For this, regular exercise is basic. Sports improves our intestinal transit. And, even, there are certain exercises that can be done to improve the muscles of the abdominal part.

Have a fixed schedule and routine

Many people suffer from constipation when they travel a lot and do not have regular habits. As much as possible, it is about being able to fulfill some life routines and follow some schedules. Well, the body gets used to it and it is easier for the intestinal transit to be regulated as well.

It is important to establish a schedule to go to the bathroom without hurry. Little by little, this routine will be adopted by the body and it will not cost anything to go to the bathroom without problem. Some studies establish that the ideal is to go belly about 30 minutes after waking up. But this is not always exact because it depends on what we eat, on the habits and the body of each one.

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The doctor, our best ally

When a few days ago we suffered from constipation and no natural remedy served us, then it is better to go to the doctor. Although as a rule, it is temporary, if it lasts too long or happens more times than normal after a month, it may mean that something is not working well.

Tips against constipation, in short

  • Eat slowly, without haste, enjoying every bite and every meal.
  • Drink, at least two liter of water per day, or tea and teas that are not laxative.
  • Eat foods rich in fiber, which will help you positively against constipation.
  • Get away from a sedentary lifestyle by practicing some exercise. With a good daily walk, it's worth it, but try to stay active.
  • Do not forget in your daily diet to consume fruits, vegetables and vegetables, rich not only in fiber, but in vitamins and minerals necessary and essential for the organism.
This article is published for informational purposes only. It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Physician. We advise you to consult your Trusted Doctor. ThemesConstipation

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