Tips for exercising at home

After the summer, we want to continue with good habits and reduce weight. Signing up to the gym is an option, but another is to exercise at home. This has to be accompanied by a correct feeding so that there is harmony and we do not spend more energy than necessary.

Planning a schedule in order to practice sport at home is basic to set a goal and some purposes to fulfill.

From building a gym to the exercises to do, going through finding the right time to exercise, all this must be taken into account when exercising.

Budget allocated to it

Maybe there is not a budget to pay for the classes of a personal trainer or a gym, but first we must know what money we have to buy the right material and perform a mini gym at home. This reason makes it easier to find time to devote to exercise, because if nobody tells us what we have to follow we will never start.

Suitable material

For the practice of the exercise, it is necessary to have adequate material. On the one hand, clothing and sports equipment and, on the other, the supplements that we will buy to make the most appropriate discipline in each case. We will go to the store, compare prices and acquire only what is necessary.

The right space

In order that the house does not become an improvised gym every time you want to move, we have to allocate a space of the home that serves for this practice. Whether it is a room, the basement or the dining room, we will adapt this place so that it is only intended for exercise.

Organize hours of the day

Fixing a routine helps create new habits. It is easy to mark a calendar with a table of exercises that we must meet half an hour or one hour a day. If one day we can not allocate to exercise, then the next day we will double the time reserved for it.

Mobile applications

Now there are many free mobile applications that will help us in our attempt to practice sports at home. Measure our weight, age, height, rhythm and, depending on it, specify the exercises according to our needs and body.

Daily tasks

Another way to move is to go up and down stairs in our house, it is a continuous exercise that will help us to exercise without having to dedicate a space at home, because maybe we do not have it. We will leave the elevator for a while and climb the stairs every time we leave or return home.

Machines at home

The machines that we can find in the sports center are usually expensive. Only if we plan to amortize them can we buy them, as it can be the case of elliptical and static bicycles, treadmills or vibrating machines.

Best accessories

Given the somewhat exorbitant price of sports machines, it is best to opt for accessories, such as the plastic ball for fitness, some weights, elastic bands, small mats and others that help and support this practice.

Internet and more

To know what exercises to perform, it is best to consult a professional. Each person is a world and needs different tables of exercises. We can watch Internet videos in which all details are given about the exercises to be practiced. Consult personal trainers online, go to the doctor to recommend certain exercises before starting the routine and go increasing series as time passes.

Stretching and heating

In order not to throw to exercise of blow and to avoid injuries, it is very important to keep in mind that before we need to do stretches. From legs, arms, trunk and abdomen, usually 10 minutes or less and the body can warm up without problems.


Even if one is at home, one should hydrate equally. Before and during exercise, depending on its duration, it is recommended to drink water. And for the rest of the day too, because doctors advise taking 3 l daily, especially in summer or when you exercise regularly.

From less to more

The practice of the exercise must be paused and always from less to more from its beginning. A table of abs will start with 10 a day, to reach 20 the next day. This article is published for informational purposes only. It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Physician. We advise you to consult your Trusted Doctor. ThemesExercise

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