Tips to avoid cystitis in beaches and swimming pools

The cystitis It is considered as the second most frequent infection in our country, which affects mainly women. It is characterized by being a acute or chronic inflammation of the urinary bladder, with infection or without it. Among its most common or usual causes we find infection by bacteria, highlighting above all the Escherichia coli.

Precisely so that a germ produces cystitis in the first place it must colonize the urine of the bladder, to subsequently produce an inflammatory response in the bladder mucosa.

In the summer, and above all due to the daily use of baths on beaches and pools, there are often many cases of cystitis, mainly due to the temperature change between water and outside, which causes a sudden cooling that affects both the belly and the vaginal area. On the other hand we can not forget the moisture that remains on the clothes after bath, which favors the growth of both bacteria and microorganisms.

How to prevent cystitis in beaches and pools

Taking into account that one of the most common causes of cystitis is the failure to continue with proper hygiene habits, such as staying with wet clothing after bathing while we are on the beach or pool, it is possible to prevent it by following a series of basic tips:

  • Avoid staying with the wet swimsuit: taking into account that it is one of the conditions that most favors the appearance of cystitis, it is advisable to always carry another change of swimsuit with which to change after having bathed.
  • Avoid sudden changes in temperature: especially when entering the water. It is more advisable to enter little by little, wetting each part of the body with patience and without hurry to avoid precisely the sudden changes of temperature.
  • Uses cotton underwear: the inner garments made with synthetic material tend to favor perspiration, and with it the proliferation of microbes.
  • Avoid wearing tight clothes: the reasons are practically the same as when we use synthetic underwear. When using tight clothing we tend to favor perspiration.
  • Use neutral soaps: especially in the cleaning of the intimate area. It is not advisable to use perfumed soaps, and yes neutral, much more specific for this sensitive area.

The most frequent symptoms of cystitis:

  • More desire to urinate, even during the night.
  • Intense pain over the bladder.
  • Fever (above 38ÂșC).
  • Burning and difficulty urinating.
  • Urine cloudy and smelly.

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