Tips to sleep better

Rest correctly is synonymous with good health, since it is a fundamental issue so that the person can generally enjoy optimal health.

It has been shown that when a person rests for a short time or badly, they usually feel more irritable and have a regular mood, while being more predisposed to suffer from anxiety, depression and stress.

In this sense, to rest properly is fundamental sleep well, given that we are contributing to our body the rest it needs to recover after a day that may or may not be exhausting.

Tips to sleep better

It is true that it is not the same sleep well what sleep better, since this last question necessarily influences that in the end we end up resting well.

  • Sleep the hours your body needs: surely that in many moments you have asked yourself how many hours we should sleep every night. Although it is true that each person has their own needs for rest, it is advisable that an adult rest between 7 to 8 hours, but never exceeding 10 hours, since in the end it will end up waking up and feeling tired.
  • Practice regular physical exerciseIn addition to being ideal to enjoy a healthy weight and good health in general, a regular practice of physical exercise improves the quality of sleep, providing well-being to our body.
  • Avoid stimulant drinks: especially in the hours closest to rest, since by stimulating our central nervous system, will prevent us from falling asleep or resting well. Avoid tea, caffeine and alcohol.
  • Avoid heavy or large meals: If our stomach is busy digesting heavy dinners or in large quantities, surely not only will it cost us more to get to sleep, but we will also get up with a feeling that we have not rested well.
  • Take infusions and relaxing herbal teas: made with medicinal plants and herbs with relaxing benefits, are really useful to relax our body and help us sleep well. The best are the infusion of chamomile, lime or lemon balm.
  • Stay away from the television, the computer and opt for relaxing music or a book: visual stimuli such as television or computer before sleep are clear enemies of a proper rest (it is usual for a person to watch TV in bed, for example). However, a book or listening to relaxing music will help to relax while we enjoy a relaxing moment before going to sleep.
  • Leave worries out of the room, or at least out of your bedIf you are worried about something, try to leave it out of the room, and forget about it for a moment. It will help you to rest better.

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