Tips to take care of health in spring

Every year, after a long winter full of rain, wind and cold, it is common for many people to look forward to the arrival of the spring, because our landscape is flooded with beautiful and wonderful flowers, increase the hours of sunlight, and with all this we tend to feel more happy and alive.

For this reason it tends to say that the blood changes spring, because due to the increase in solar radiation and the changes that occur in the meteorology itself, these cause an effect on our body that results in the affectation of the production of certain hormones. Since there is a lower number of night hours in the spring, the production of melatonin varies, which leads to changes in both the physical and emotional responses of the person.

But like every season, it also has its setbacks. An example is found in the appearance of the feared spring allergies. It consists of a very common process that affects many people at this time. When we suffer from allergy means that our body recognizes as a substance called allergen, which induces in the allergic response of your immune system, which in turn gives rise to a series of clinical manifestations of diseases and allergic reactions. Therefore, the spring allergy, and the allergy to pollen itself, produces seasonal rhinitis, whose symptoms tend to vary from one patient to another, although as a rule these are characterized by irritation and itching of eyes, nose, pharynx and palate.

If you want to enjoy a spring with health, here are some useful tips that will help you take care of your health during this beautiful and pleasant season of the year.

1. Avoid spring allergy and contact with pollen

If you usually suffer from allergy, it is quite likely that it will increase during the spring months. If so, there are some tips you should keep in mind, which will be very helpful. Decreases outdoor activities, especially in those hours in which the pollen is more "active": between 5 to 10 in the morning, and 7 to 10 at night.

Avoid going out on windy days, since during these days the pollination tends to be higher, so the pollen concentration is higher. On the other hand, keep the windows closed during the night, also those of our vehicle when we go out to the street, and in case of using air conditioning use it with filters.

As in any other season of the year, with the aim of protecting the eyes from the sun every time you go outside put on sunglasses.

2. Get physical exercise outdoors

If you do not suffer from allergies, physical exercise in the open air when spring arrives is an excellent option for sports, enjoy good health, and above all to enjoy the most beautiful images of this season..

Remember that the practice of physical exercise is essential, especially when it is practiced on a regular basis. It is ideal to enjoy a good state of health and physical. Also, it is very interesting to help you improve your mood and feel better about yourself.

It is enough to practice between 30 to 40 minutes a day of your preferred physical exercise: it can be walking, running, riding a bike ... Of course, remember that intense or excessive physical exercise is not recommended.

3. Take care of your diet and opt for fresh foods

Food is the basis of our healthTherefore, it is essential to maintain a balanced and varied diet, as healthy and healthy as possible. It is very interesting to opt for fresh seasonal foods, which provide all the essential nutrients that your body will need during this time of year: they are full of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that can not be missed.

Remember to opt for fruits, vegetables, vegetables and fresh vegetables. Neither can legumes, cereals (also in its integral version), fish, white meats and nuts.

4. Delicious seasonal foods

There is nothing better than enjoying the seasonal foods, which as you surely know, are foods that can only be found in the market certain months of the year, because their cultivation or production is specific to those times. This assures us that these foods preserve and maintain all their nutritional properties intact, as well as their benefits and organoleptic qualities.

In spring we can enjoy the apricots and of the strawberries, in addition to being already in the month of May with other fruits that we find especially in summer, as is the case of cherries, watermelons Y melons.

Other useful tips to take care of yourself in the spring

In addition to the advice we have given you, below we will discover other care for spring that will help you maintain good health during this beautiful time of year. It is likely that some tips are repeated, but will help you to have them even more present:

  • Now that the sun begins to make its appearance, try to tan more often, especially when you are going to be several hours on the street. It is advisable to tan even in winter, since the clouds can even produce a much more negative effect on the health of our skin.
  • Try to stay always well hydrated, drinking plenty of fluids. Remember that it is advisable to drink at least 2 liters of water per day. You can also choose infusions, tisanes or teas (cold or ice cream, for example, in case you have heat).
  • Practice exercise in the first hours of the morning, or in the evening, to avoid the hottest hours.
  • If you start going to the beach or to swimming pools, always remember to tan correctly.
  • The cures of dandelion ( properties of dandelion), are usually useful in seasonal changes. To do this, simply take two capsules before each meal, or one to two infusions a day for a week.
  • In case you suffer from allergy, you should be careful with spring allergies. For this, it is useful to keep the windows closed during the day, especially in those days with the highest level of pollen in the environment, and to cool the house at night.

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