Tricks to get fat: useful tips

The articles on overweight and obesity are, in fact, some of the most recurrent themes for many health professionals, mainly because we are faced with a problem unfortunately common and of relative and dangerous importance today in our society. But what happens when a person actually searches tips to get fat? Is it possible to gain weight in a healthy, easy and simple way ?.

This is very common especially in people who, by their very constitution, tend to have a rather low weight, especially because they usually have a thin complexion. In fact, even if you do not believe it, did you know that in many occasions it can be very difficult to get fat ?. For this reason it is very useful to know how to do it, but moving away from those known as empty calories.

This occurs mostly in people with a metabolic disorder or disease, which is why we need to ask ourselves before why we want to gain weight.

Why do we want to gain weight and gain weight?

First It is fundamental to ask ourselves why we want to gain weight. Maybe it could be because, in general, our constitution is always thin, and in reality it is very difficult for us to gain weight. However, it is also possible that it costs us to gain weight because we are suffering from a disease or disorder that directly affects our weight.

Therefore, we must first attend to the following basic points, before continuing with our objective:

  • Have you suddenly lost weight ?:In this case it is very important to go to the doctor, especially if you have lost weight unexpectedly and have done nothing to have lost it. The reason is that there are different diseases and health problems that cause a sudden weight loss, as is the case of diseases as serious as cancer, since malignant tumors usually consume large amounts of calories. There are also other conditions that cause weight loss, such as diabetes, thyroid problems, viral or bacterial infections, and celiac disease.
  • Do you want to develop muscle mass ?:If you want to gain weight in order to develop muscle mass, it is important to opt for anaerobic exercises, in addition to following a diet rich in proteins and healthy fats.
  • Do you want to upload it to see you better ?:Maybe it may be the case that you want to gain some weight because you are very thin. If this is the case, and you do not have any health problems, then it can be useful to get it - that's right - in a healthy way.

... But before getting fat, consult your doctor

Even when you do not have any health problems, illness or condition at this time, it is very important to consult with your doctor and tell him or her that you want to gain weight. He is, in short, the best suited to assess your overall health. In fact, it is quite likely that you review the existence of a metabolic problem, whether diabetes or thyroid.

On the other hand, go to a nutritionist is another of the best options when it comes to gain weight in a healthy way, as it will assess your current status and your goals of weight gain, help you and advise you in all the process. In addition, it is essential to maintain optimal control.

Tips to gain weight in a healthy way

Want to gain weight does not mean gaining weight neglecting health, since you can lose weight opting for a diet as healthy as healthy, you can also opt for equally healthy food, but to gain weight. In this case, the key is to consume more calories than our body burns.

Definitely, the key is to gain weight regularly and sustained over time, opting for it for healthier foods. And, to achieve it in a healthy way and without endangering our health, it is essential to consume between 300 to 500 calories more than our body burns daily.

Remember in this case that the goal is get fat, do not neglect health and even make the mistake of getting to put it in danger. Generally, to fatten the most fundamental thing is to opt for those foods that contain a more or less high level of calories, but not for that reason very sugary or greasy.

What are the best foods to get fat

That is to say, we should not make the mistake of trying to gain weight fast and opt to obtain it for foods with a high content of fat and therefore in calories. That is, we must get away from unhealthy foods such as pastries and sweets, sugary sodas, pizzas and hamburgers, fried foods ...

To give just one example, foods rich in flours or pasta are extremely healthy and nutritious foods, which should not be lacking in a diet of this type.Take toast with butter and jam is a good choice, since butter (although caloric), provides calcium and nutrients to the body, while the jam does the same with vitamins and minerals.

To drink, if you like beer you can opt for a glass of beer without alcohol, or a glass of wine at meals. Alcohol in this case provides calories, yes, but it is a healthy drink that also helps care for the body.

In reference to dairy, try to always consume the whole, and cheeses that are non-skim. It is not convenient, yes, that you increase the consumption of sugary drinks (such as soft drinks), or industrial pastries, as it will harm your health.

In short, the best foods to gain weight are the following:

  • Whole grains:especially oats.
  • Seeds:high in nutrients and also in calories.
  • Whole Dairy Products:from milk to yogurt.
  • Eggs:They provide calories, but also an interesting amount of proteins of high biological value.
  • Pasta:As you surely know, pasta is rich in carbohydrates. But it is much better to opt for wholemeal pasta.
  • Vegetables:Like eggs, they provide not only calories but also good quality proteins.
  • Nuts and dried fruits:They have a high amount of calories. In the case of nuts, they also stand out for providing healthy fats, while dried fruits are rich in sugars.
  • Olive oil:we must bear in mind that a spoonful of oil contributes around 190 calories. Of course, it is better to opt for extra virgin olive oil or sunflower oil (obviously not hydrogenated).

When is it not appropriate to get fat?

Obviously, it is not always appropriate to gain weight even when you want to. For example, it is not recommended in the presence of any disease or health disorder, especially if it is the cause of your weight loss. In addition, it is not advisable when there is some risk that may affect you after gaining weight. This article is published for informational purposes only. It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Physician. We advise you to consult your Trusted Doctor.

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