Turmeric mask to weaken the hair on the face

Although the turmeric is a popularly known spice for its use in the kitchen, providing a flavor and a particular aroma when it comes to making a wide variety of delicious dishes, the truth is that it is also recognized for its incredible beauty qualities.

In regard to its use in the kitchen, it is true that its appearance is very reminiscent of the ginger root , but its color tends to be between yellow and orange. It stands out precisely for being tremendously aromatic, contributing to the food not only a wonderful aroma and flavor, but also its particular yellow color.

Regarding her qualities in beauty, with her we can prepare a great turmeric mask, which has great properties at help us to weaken facial hair naturally. Therefore, after the hair removal is perfect for use, since in addition to weakening the hair, it also has other uses such as to remove dead skin cells, leaving it soft, smooth and luminous.

In this article, we will tell you what turmeric is, the benefits it brings to skin health, its preparation and other interesting facts about it.

What is turmeric?

The turmeric It is a herbaceous plant native to southwestern India. It reaches a height of up to one meter, it has different properties, either for gastronomy or for the care of skin health or other types of care.

Its use is extended, although not so well known by everyone, then we will give you the benefits that turmeric gives on the skin, in addition to its debilitating capillary effect for facial hair and how it is prepared with the use of easy ingredients. access and in a fast and efficient way.

Benefits of turmeric on the skin

In addition to those mentioned above, turmeric has a number of benefits for the skin and its uses are extended for acne treatments, wrinkle treatment, the treatment of stretch marks, to relieve burns, helps to reduce pigmentation of the skin the tan of the skin, the elimination of the facial hair, can be used as a night cream and has many other benefits for the skin at the time of being used in this.

Preparation of the turmeric mask for use

Next we will show the steps to make a turmeric mask for after the hair removal, its preparation is easy to do and will not require much time for its preparation.


For the elaboration of an effective turmeric mask it is recommended to use the following ingredients listed below:

  • 1 tablespoon of honey
  • 1 cup chickpea flour
  • 1/4 teaspoon turmeric powder
  • 2/3 cup of milk

Having all the ingredients, just put them all in a bowl, where you will proceed to mix them well with the help of a mixer, make sure that all are well mixed, that it remains as a single product, after all it has to be perfectly done if you want the effect to be the desired and you can get all the benefits of this mask, if the mixture is too thick, pour a little water or milk on it.

After having prepared well the mixture proceeds to apply a medium thick layer of the mask-like mixture on the face and neck, after it has dried, bathe and remove the mask, rinse your face with plenty of water to moisten the mask, this in order to soften the mask, then proceed to scrub with your hands gently until it has come out completely.

After you have removed the turmeric mask from your skin you can see how your skin gets a brighter and healthier tone, taking advantage of all the benefits that turmeric brings to your skin, the remaining facial hair will be completely removed from your face, not to mention that the turmeric to have a debilitating effect on this, meaning that after a few uses of this mask, you will notice a decrease in the amount of facial hair that comes out regularly on your skin, and you can enjoy a totally smooth and depilated surface .

In addition, turmeric is ideal for combating blemishes and to equalize the tone of the skin, being one of the most versatile and complete resources when it comes to facial skin care.

So do not wait, turmeric should be part of your daily life in terms of skin care, whether you apply it yourself or go to a beauty center where they use it to start enjoying the different and numerous benefits that this offers to the health of the skin. ThemesMasks Beauty recipes

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