Typical Christmas desserts that are irresistible

Now that October has kicked off, I'm sure many of you who visit us every day have realized that there are only a couple of months left before hundreds of colorful lights begin to flood every corner of our streets . Do you already know what we are talking about? Well, it could not be anything other than Magic Christmas.

This is also a time when the typical street vendors of chestnuts are installed in the most central areas of the city taking advantage of the fact that it is already very cold. All this without mentioning those Christmas meals with our closest friends and family that usually extend until the wee hours of the morning.

To make these meetings more enjoyable, we always take all kinds of Christmas sweets among which the mythical stand out Chocolate nougat which we already talked about in previous articles . However, we are lucky to say that the range of Christmas sweets does not end exclusively here.

They are also very famous the juicy marzipans, the torrijas with honey or that roscón de reyes that kids love after opening their gifts from January 6. For this reason, if you are interested in knowing how to cook them with your own hands, you will have to put all five senses in these three recipes that we propose below.

Recipe of homemade marzipan. As simple as it is delicious

The Marzipan It does not need any kind of introduction. Unlike nougat, this candy has a texture of the most spongy that will enchant more than one. All without comment that results very simple to elaborate.

Write down the following ingredients: 250 grams of ground almonds, 250 grams of icing sugar and one egg. Do you already have everything? Well, let's go to the mess:

  • Mix the almonds together with the sugar. For this we can use a termomix to chop more this nut. Then add the yolk and egg white separately.
  • We knead with our hands until we get a kind of pasta. Then we wrap it in a thin plastic and then let this mixture rest for half an hour so that all the ingredients settle well.
  • We will give you the shape you want and introduce it into the oven. You can make both elongated and spiral shapes. Finally we add another layer of egg yolk with a kitchen brush. To finish you just have to put them in the grill of the oven for about two or three minutes.

Recipe of torrijas with honey. A sweet that never goes out of style

What would be of our lives without our loved ones French toast? Surely many of you still have your grandmothers willing to do it with all their love and affection.

And for those who do not, you can write down the following ingredients: eight tablespoons of condensed milk, an egg, milk, cinnamon, sliced ​​bread, sunflower oil and honey. Once you have everything, we will have to prepare everything like this:

  • We wet all the slices in milk. In a container where previously we will have added cinnamon and pieces of lemon peel. We wait for everything to soak up well.
  • We went through a well-beaten egg. Then put them in a pan with hot sunflower oil until they are completely fried.
  • We put in and wait for the remaining oil to go. For this we can put them on two strips of kitchen paper. We can give the final touch by sprinkling them with a little honey

Recipe of roscón de reyes. For a magical night

A great way to say goodbye to Christmas is through this recipe roscón de reyes that will leave you completely amazed.

Although first of all, you are going to need 500 grams of flour, yeast, 100 grams of sugar, grated lemon, milk, butter, two eggs next to some frosty fruit. When we have everything, we will have to do the following:

  • We will heat the milk with the yeast. Once it is hot enough, add 100 grams of flour. We remove it to cool and then knead until we get a small ball. Then let it sit for two hours until it returns to its original size.
  • In a separate bowl mix the remaining flour with the rest of the ingredients. This is where we will leave a hole in the center and then add the eggs, milk, sugar and lemon zest. We beat everything together with a little butter. Let stand for two hours and then put this dough in the oven with a little baking paper at a temperature of 160 degrees.
  • Remove from the oven and screw it. All you have to do is add the candied fruit with a little bit of icing sugar to achieve that characteristic flavor. We return to put this mass in the oven for half an hour and at the same temperature so that everything is taking shape. After this, it only remains to give a final push using the grill option.
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