Unexpected uses of hydrogen peroxide that you can not imagine

The peroxide It is one of those almost indispensable elements not only in any first-aid kit, but it has become a fundamental and common tool in many homes and homes in our country. As you probably know, your original chemical name is hydrogen peroxide, although popularly it is more obviously known with the name of oxygenated water.

It is, in fact, as common and popular as other items equally available in many homemade kits, such as: alcohol, iodine (also known by its trademark Betadine) or the typical strips with which to protect small and light wounds.

It basically consists of a chemical compound useful from a medicinal point of view to clean wounds and disinfect them, act as antimicrobial, natural antiseptic and also as antibacterial agent. To use it for these purposes it is only necessary to soak a little gauze or cotton and apply it gently on the area of ​​the skin that we want to clean or disinfect.

In this sense, for example, it is suitable to facilitate wound healing, prevent infections and prevent the formation of fungi by acting as an antifungal agent. But it also has other lesser-known uses that will surely surprise you.

And is that with oxygenated water we can prepare different home remedies for both body and domestic use.

Remedies for body use with hydrogen peroxide

To clean the wounds

In the case of wound cleaning, a sterile gauze is moistened with hydrogen peroxide and applied to the skin that needs to be disinfected, wait for about 3 minutes, then remove the gauze and allow to air dry.

To clean the ears

Dilute half a cup of warm water with half a cup of hydrogen peroxide and mix. We need a small glass container that comes with a dropper or a syringe. Fill the container with the preparation and suck the mixture with the dropper. We apply about three drops in each ear in the following way:

  1. We lie first on one side and throw the three drops in one ear, wait three minutes, we turn the other side to get the liquid out.
  2. We lie on the opposite side and repeat the same steps.

To cleanse and relieve discomfort of sore throat

This remedy based on preparing a rinse and gargle of hydrogen peroxide and water is to disinfect or clean the throat of bacteria while improving the symptoms of sore throat.

To prepare this rinse we need to take 75 ml. of hydrogen peroxide and 75 ml. of warm water.

Mix and do the rinses, gargling and without swallowing, spit the preparation. Next we rinse the mouth with cold water.

For mouthwash and teeth whitening

Mix the same amount of hydrogen peroxide as water. 100 ml. of hydrogen peroxide and 100 ml. of water, mix and put in a glass to make rinses, you should never swallow.

To clean germs toothbrushes

Fill a glass equally, same amount of hydrogen peroxide and water. Then we put the toothbrushes in the glass soaking throughout the night. The next morning we discard the preparation and wash the brushes with cold water.

To remove the smell of sweat on the feet

In a basin where we can submerge the feet we put warm water and two plugs of hydrogen peroxide. We keep our feet soaking for 15 or 20 minutes. Dry the feet with a soft towel.

For dark spots on the face: soak a cotton ball with hydrogen peroxide and apply it on top of the stain or spots. Only at night.

To lighten blonde or light brown hair

If you want to preserve the blond tone of the hair or lighten the brown tone of the hair mix the same amount of hydrogen peroxide as water.

We mix 200 ml. of hydrogen peroxide with 200 ml. of water, shake the mixture and store it in a plastic container provided with a spray.

Then we put the preparation on wet hair and in areas of hair that we want to make lighter and brush the hair.

Remedies for domestic use

Oxygenated water for domestic use is used as a disinfectant due to its antibacterial properties, both in the bathroom and the kitchen as well as in other rooms, to clean windows and doors, mirrors and also to whiten clothes.

To clean the dependencies of the home that we have mentioned before we will need a plastic bottle with a spray. In the bottle we will put the same amount of hydrogen peroxide as water. Shake to mix and then pulverize the surfaces we want to clean.

In addition, you can also choose the following usage tips:

  • To whiten clothes: Pour a cup of hydrogen peroxide into the washing machine, and wash the white clothes as always, only for white clothes.
  • To remove sweat and blood stains on clothing: Put a few drops of hydrogen peroxide on the spots, wait a bit and then put the garment to wash.
  • To clean the dishwasher: We put two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide in the soap drawer of the dishwasher.Then add the product we use to wash the dishes and wash the dishes as we usually do in the dishwasher.
  • To clean crystals and mirrors: Mix oxygenated water and water in equal parts. We put the mixture in a plastic container with spray or atomizer. We shake, and we pulverize the surfaces that we are going to clean. We pass a napkin to dry the surface or a cloth that does not loose fabric lint.