Useful foods to have a flat stomach

Now that the good weather is starting, and the time is approaching to start enjoying the sun and wonderful days at the beach (yes, with adequate and convenient sun protection), it is very common for many people to pursue the goal of have a flat stomach, something that can be influenced negatively by different conditions and problems and not only related to excess weight, overweight and obesity.

In fact, Did you know that the belly is one of the parts of the body most prone to dilation?. It is possible not to have excess weight but not have a flat stomach. In these cases, that annoying 'tripita' may be due to inflammation and abdominal swelling (for example by accumulation of gases), by habitually eating excessively or by maintaining inadequate habits from a nutritional and health point of view.

We must pay special attention to the abdominal swelling, which in some cases can be chronic, especially when there are some disorders or digestive and intestinal diseases, as for example in the case of gastritis (which may or may not be emotional), gastroenteritis, Crohn's disease and irritable bowel.

A natural option very useful when it comes to getting a belly as flat as possible, plus obviously avoid overweight and of practice physical exercise regularly, there are certain natural foods and beverages that you can include daily in your diet, and that will help you precisely when it comes to achieving your goal. Not in vain, they are excellent to include in your daily diet when you combine it with the pursuit of a balanced and low fat diet and the practice of sports.

The best foods to get a flat stomach

The fruits

They are especially rich in fiber and other essential nutrients useful to combat inflammation, especially when it has become chronic. Remember that it is important to try to consume at least 5 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables each day. Among the foods with greater anti-inflammatory effect include: papaya, pineapple, apples and blackberries.

Vegetables and vegetables

As with fruits, both vegetables and vegetables are very rich in fiber and other nutrients with anti-inflammatory action or effect. Stand out the spinach and the broccoli.

The spices

They are delicious ingredients that help positively when flavored and add flavor to your dishes. They are also interesting if you want to get a flat stomach, as they provide anti-inflammatory properties. They stand out in this case Ginger, cinnamon, garlic and chili.

Green tea

Who could resist a wonderful cup of green tea ?. Its leaves are rich in flavonoids, which exert an anti-inflammatory action. We can also mention the presence of EGCG, useful to help reduce body fat in a completely natural way.

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