Useful tips to avoid hunger between hours

Obtaining appetite control is not easy. Therefore, knowing how to control the appetite is essential to lose weight and lose weight effectively. And is that both when a person follows a certain weight loss diet or want to lose weight without following a diet, as when you simply prefer to keep the weight in its proper figure, control the appetite It becomes one of the most appropriate options. And, above all, know how to control it easily and without it becoming a real headache.

But as you might think, in most cases controlling appetite is even more difficult than making the decision to go on a diet.

It means that the person must endure the desire to eat and avoid chopping especially between hours, one of the probable causes of excess weight (besides, of course, other unhealthy habits such as following a diet that is not balanced and not practicing physical exercise).

Appetite control does not mean going hungry, but the control of our desire to eat until it is the moment when, in fact, we have to eat.

In this way we manage to distribute the meals as it should, avoiding the pecking and arriving with less hunger at each meal. But it is true that, the beginning when we propose to control the appetite, is always the most difficult.

Tips to reduce hunger and not eat between meals

One of the main elements that help when it comes to control the appetite is the motivation. And it is to keep in mind that you really want to lose weight and be clear about the advantages of maintaining your ideal weight, will help you positively control that dreaded sensation of hunger.

The following basic tips will also be useful.

Avoid snacking

Especially the pecking between hours, which becomes the biggest enemy of our diet and especially our weight, especially if you want to lose weight and you are following a diet of weight loss.

And what do you do if you are hungry before you get to the main meal? In these cases the best option is to opt for light, low-fat foods. The best? Eat for example a piece of fruit, a natural yogurt, some integral or dextrinated cake ...

Although if you distribute the meals throughout the day, you will have less desire to snack between meals.

Eat five times a day

Did you know When distributing the main meals in 5 times a day it is useful not to get so hungry to the next meal? The reason is that in this way we give our body enough time to metabolize better what we have ingested, but we will not have the stomach so empty as to devour the plate at the next meal.

It will help you not only to control your appetite and the amounts you eat, but to arrive with less hunger at each meal. For this, it is best to distribute your meals in the following way: breakfast, lunch, lunch, snack and dinner.

Chew slowly and always enjoy what you eat

People who eat fast are more likely and predisposed to overweight and obesity, since our brain has not received the signals to indicate that we are no longer hungry, so we will continue eating until it is finally too late.

So, Slowly chewing food and eating and without haste will help you stop the moment your stomach has been completely sated.

Avoid buying when you're hungry

It is proven that if you go to the supermarket or the grocery store to buy hungry, it is normal to buy unhealthy products such as industrial bakery, chocolates or cookies. And it is quite probable that you have already checked it yourself: how many times you have not gone to the supermarket before lunchtime, and in the end you end up throwing in the shopping cart food products that do not really have anything what to do with what you were buying at first?

If you go to buy food after having lunch, you will probably only tend to buy what is necessary and in addition it is very possible that you only opt for healthy foods.

Other useful tips that will help you a lot

On the one hand, it is always about Serve the ration on the plate and move food away from the table. It will help you avoid chopping, and above all, you will be tempted to repeat it again.

On the other, it is essential have patience and above all a lot of motivation. Patience is essential to help you and not only to control your appetite, but to follow your diet of weight loss. While the motivation will help you not to relapse and leave it. This article is published for informational purposes only. It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Physician. We advise you to consult your Trusted Doctor.

How to Lose Weight With No Hunger (July 2022)