Uses of aromatherapy

The aromatherapy It is a technique that although it is true that it has been used as a natural therapy on many occasions for centuries, now its use has been increased by the ease with which people who so wish can acquire in many stores specialized

With aromatherapy you can use them from candles or essential oils, although its application in the body is so broad that very different forms of use can be chosen.

We delve a bit into knowing what the best forms of application may be within the proper use of aromatherapy.

Uses and application forms of aromatherapy

  • Internal route: The internal route has to do with its use through the oral route. In any case, it should be known that oral ingestion is totally inadvisable without adequate medical control.
  • External route: It is more recommended than the internal route, mainly for its safety and ease of application. This is so, given that thanks to the external local application, the different essences tend to penetrate immediately through the skin, acting directly on the organs below it.
  • Bath or shower: The bath is useful, for example, to enjoy the virtues of an aromatic bath, in which the temperature of the water must be elevated to a certain extent, and adding four or five drops of the essence that we have chosen. In the shower the ideal is to pour four or five drops of essence into the wet foam glove, rubbing the body.
  • Massages: In this technique the essences are usually added to a basic oil that acts as a vehicle, diluting the essences to avoid diverse skin reactions or irritate the skin.
  • Emplastes and compresses: It can be useful for muscular pains (with hot water), or for fever or headaches, sprains and strains (with cold water).
  • Inhalations: Useful to treat respiratory tract conditions, in this technique five to ten drops of essence are added in a bowl of boiling water to then breathe the vapors with a cloth over the head.
  • Candles: They are useful perfumed candles that, when they burn, spread their fragrance quickly in the environment, filling with their aroma all the place where they are.
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