Uses of green tea in beauty for the skin: its benefits

The Green Tea It offers nutritional benefits to purify the body, detoxify and be better. But did you know that it also has benefits to take care of the skin? have a radiant skin that improves the impact of the sun and the passage of years is the result of intense care.

Green tea, thanks to its properties, is being widely used in the field of cosmetics to treat some skin problems and we can find it in soaps, creams and gels.

The incredible properties of green tea for skin and the most natural beauty

Antioxidant power

Tea carries tannins and catechins, among other components, and are responsible for the great antioxidant power they provide to protect the skin from external agents. It delays, thus, the aging process, keeps the skin fresh and reduces the inflammation caused by various situations. In addition, it is a natural tonic because of the astringent properties it has, making a total cleansing of the skin, eliminating impurities.

Healing before burns

Another benefit of green tea is that it heals wounds and can go perfect when the skin becomes red due to the sun's rays. Make an infusion with green tea to apply on the skin morning and night is easy, and a home remedy for all skin types.

Stronger teeth

In the beauty sector, green tea is not only good for the skin, it also takes care of the teeth. Green tea carries various minerals and serves as a mouthwash to apply after normal brushing. Among its advantages are the prevention of caries, and the care of oral health to a great extent and gums in cases of gingivitis.

Against psoriasis and others

In the skin, green tea fights some diseases by exerting an anti-inflammatory action. So it is intended to protect psoriasis and also acne, among others.

Eliminates stretch marks

The power of green tea goes further. It helps prevent stretch marks, which disfigure certain areas of the skin. The catechin, discussed above, stimulates skin cells to regenerate and heal certain wounds that appear in the form of stretch marks.

Under dark circles

Something similar to stretch marks happens with dark circles. The theine activates the circulation of the blood and, when contracting the blood vessels, it ends with the dark circles. Simply leave cotton covered with green tea over the eyes and dark circles will have diminished. Many anti-wrinkle and anti-wrinkle creams carry this ingredient.

It is also good for the eye area, because by reducing wrinkles, it ends with crow's feet and the signs of aging in this area. It also reduces eye bags, thanks to the decongestant action.

Against hair loss

Green tea contains certain substances that promote hair growth and cause a fall prevention action to make it stronger and healthier.

Against cellulite

The health and beauty of the body is taken care of with a good diet and the intake of drinks such as green tea. And it offers one of the most important actions such as weight loss and serves to reduce the dreaded cellulite.

A little relax?

Being relaxed is noticeable and seen on the outside. Theanine is beneficial for controlling nerves and ending anxiety. So if you want to reduce stress, green tea helps to obtain the well-being we need. When we relax we feel better and our appearance is renewed to be more beautiful. This reduces the signs of fatigue and wrinkles.

The use in cosmetics

Many treatments are made with green tea, along with other ingredients that offer properties for the skin to breathe and rejuvenate. In aesthetic centers are often used to make masks for peeling and exfoliating effects. Reduces skin blemishes and offers a somewhat lighter appearance. ThemesTea

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