Vaginal infections

The woman's health may be affected by different disorders, diseases or ailments that may appear in the woman throughout their lives, both when they enter puberty and in pregnancy and, subsequently, the onset of menopause.

For example, during menstruation may appear the irregular menstruation, the menstrual cramps (or ovarian pain), and produce a absence of menstruation.

Whereas, once you enter menopause, osteoporosis can appear (you know more about health in women during menopause).

However, one of the main concerns of women go through the so-called vaginal infections, within which we can find three main: the candidiasis, the trichomonas wave gardnerella, the first being the most common or known.

Vaginal infections

Here are some of the main ones vaginal infections What can be given in women:

Candidiasis infection

The candidiasis is the kind of vaginal infection more common and usual. It is caused by a fungus that normally lives in the intestines and in the vagina.

Although generally it does not cause problems, the certain thing is that when it begins to reproduce of uncontrollable form (question that can take place when the woman has the low defenses or a treatment with antibiotics follows).

The main symptoms are the appearance of a thick white discharge, with an unpleasant smell and cut appearance, and itching.

Trichomonas infection

Is a vaginal infection caused by a fungus that usually causes a yellowish discharge of unpleasant odor and itching.

Once these symptoms appear, it is recommended that the woman consult the gynecologist, who once diagnosed with the infection, will prescribe a medication to fight the fungus.

Gardnerella infection

It is an infection caused by a bacterium that commonly lives in the vagina, and that like the candidiasis, it starts to reproduce uncontrollably.

The main symptoms are an abnormal discharge with an unpleasant odor, and itching.

3 common vaginal infections and their symptoms (June 2024)