Varicose veins in men

The varicose veins They are considered as dilated veins, especially characterized by the inability to establish an effective return of blood to the heart, so that they swell and become visible under the surface of the skin.

With regard to the causes that may cause the appearance of varicose veins, we find the circulatory problems, especially in the legs.

These circulatory problems always tend to be conditioned by a series of more or less determining factors: sex, age, genetic inheritance, hormones ...

However, in recent years many specialists have been checking as different harmful health habits (as is the case of smoking, sedentary lifestyle, drinking too much alcohol, obesity or lack of exercise), can cause their appearance.

In what has to do with sex, it is true that women tend to have a certain predisposition to suffer from problems of varicose veins. But, did you know that mens can they also suffer?

Varicose veins in men

Although the varicose veins tend to be more common in women, the fact is that mens they may suffer

This lack of predisposition is mainly due to the fact that men have much more developed muscles, which prevents the veins from dilating more easily.

In any case, that does not mean that men do not also suffer from varicose veins, due above all to various circulatory problems, especially in the legs.

Remember that there is a certain nutrition for varicose veins, rich in protective foods, while you can also opt for a good natural treatment for varicose veins.

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