Vaseline for the skin

The vaseline It undoubtedly becomes one of the best known products, especially because in the absence of a good lip protector, it can be useful to use it as lipstick or protective lip cream.

Before talking about the different uses of Vaseline on the skin, due above all to the different benefits of Vaseline for the skin, we wanted to address a section where to clear the doubts about where exactly it comes from.

Although few people know, the truth is that Vaseline is a petroleum derivative, which It is obtained by treating the oil with steam and filtering it at high temperatures (ie, it is a purified mixture of semi-solid hydrocarbons that come from petroleum). For this reason it is also known by the name of petrolatum.

What is Vaseline?

It basically consists of a thick liquid that is obtained from the different petroleum derivatives, which is why many know it as the"Petroleum jelly".

It is a vegetal extract of transparent appearance, without odor, and with a density that in many occasions reminds the one that owns the liquid glycerin to be quite sticky at the beginning and then when it is applied on the skin it becomes much softer.

Although it is obtained from oil and is a derivative of it, it is actually harmless to the skin, not being dangerous when used on it, much less a risk to health.

Uses of Vaseline on the skin

It is true that it may be strange to use an oil derivative on the skin for its different protective qualities. But the truth is that once it has been treated, it does not entail any harm to health.

Because it is especially thick, it is suitable when used as protective cream, both for lips and on the skin. In fact, one of its most common uses is like lipstick.

It is also common for it to be used as a natural ingredient in the preparation of ointments.

Benefits of Vaseline for the skin

Protective qualities of the skin

One of its main benefits, if we can really talk about virtues or properties, we find it in its protective benefits, since it forms a protective film in the places or areas of the skin where it is applied.

That is to say, It becomes an excellent natural option to protect the skin.

In fact, it is a good protective barrier of the lips in cold weather, thus avoiding the cracked lips so common during these times of the year.

Moisturizing properties

Did you know Vaseline also acts as a wonderful moisturizer? This means that It is more easily absorbed by the skin, helping to moisten and soften the skin in a completely natural way.

As we mentioned before, we should not confuse the moisturizing quality with the moisturizing quality, since both are quite different: hydration is mostly superficial, while moisturization is much deeper, helping to repair the skin in depth.

Ideal to increase the duration of colognes and perfumes

It is quite possible that this quality of Vaseline surprised you. Did you know that it helps you the fragrance of the perfume or the kitchen remains for a longer time in your skin?.

To enjoy this quality, you only have to do one thing: before applying your favorite fragrance, cologne or perfume, put some Vaseline on your wrists and on your neck. It is able to maintain the essence and is useful to distribute the fragrance better, and it does not disappear throughout the day.

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