Vinotherapy for health

At an earlier time we talked about the benefits of wine, a drink that - as you know for sure - is extremely interesting for the different virtues and properties it contains, as long as it is consumed in a moderate way and its consumption is not contraindicated.

In this aspect, we also know how to choose a wine, from a series of basic tips that we offered you for when you are going to celebrate the occasional special party.

But in recent years, the wine not only is it used culinaryly speaking, but in fact it is used to cleanse and purify the skin. Reason for which the so-called wine therapy.

Vinotherapy, what is it?

The therapy called as wine therapy It is a totally natural and healthy technique or treatment from which grapes are used (whether the fruit itself, its pips or through jets of wine.

The wine therapy It is commonly used when cleaning and purifying the skin, thanks to the fact that, externally, the wine helps to stimulate circulation, reduce the abdomen and firm the buttocks.

Benefits of wine therapy

There are several benefits of wine therapy for health, and mainly for the skin.

In addition to combating aging, it is able to maintain the dermis much more elastic and vitaminized, by providing in addition to vitamins also mineral salts, proteins, enzymes and polyphenols.

Here we show you some of the properties of wine therapy most basic:

  • Stimulates blood circulation.
  • Tones the breasts.
  • Reduces the abdomen
  • It fights aging by "fighting" against free radicals.

How much does wine therapy cost?

There are several wine therapy prices that we can currently find in the specialized beauty and alternative centers that practice it.

The individual cost for a complete program, which includes facial and body treatment, ranges around € 150 per person. ThemesWine

Vinotherapy: Wine-derived products claim healthy skin benefits (March 2023)