Vitamin D to prevent breast cancer

The vitamin D It is a fat-soluble vitamin (soluble to fatty substances), essential from a nutritional point of view because it helps in maintaining the health of our bones.

For this function to be effective, a consumption of calcium and vitamin D jointly, since calcium needs this vitamin to be absorbed completely and correctly by the intestine.

It is also a vitamin that, along with parathyroid hormone, helps maintain adequate levels of calcium and phosphorus in the bloodstream.

However, to the different benefits of vitamin D or the functions carried out by our body we must add a new therapeutic virtue: helps prevent breast cancer.

Why does vitamin D prevent breast cancer?

Breast cancer becomes one of the leading causes of death in the young female population. Hence, it is essential to take a preventive attitude from youth, following a healthy lifestyle, feeling the breasts to find the possible presence of hard lumps and going to medical appointments when the recommended age is reached.

When women reach menopause they tend to have a deficit of vitamin D and calcium. Hence, when premenopausal women increase the consumption of this type of nutrients have a reduction in the risk of breast cancer by 30%.

This is due to the fact that vitamin D deficiency increases the risk of suffering from different types of cancer, among which we not only find breast cancer, but also the colon, ovary and prostate.

How to consume more vitamin D in the diet?

A very good option is to know what the Foods rich in vitamin D, as determined vegetables (like broccoli, Chinese cabbage or kale), vegetables and fruits, the dairy products, eggs, fatty fish (like salmon), nuts (such as almonds and nuts) and seafood.

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