Water and bag rupture: symptoms and what to do

Another symptom or indication that labor may begin shortly is water rupture or loss of amniotic fluid. The amniotic fluid that is expelled during that moment is the one that is present throughout the pregnancy feeding and wrapping the baby defined by the amniotic sac.

The amniotic fluid decreases in quantity as the pregnancy progresses and at the beginning it is composed of 90% of blood plasma, practically becoming the urine of the fetus in the last trimester of pregnancy. Thanks to this fluid, the body temperature of the fetus remains constant, it helps it move and nourish itself as the pregnancy reaches its end.

When the time comes to light, the rupture of the amniotic sac is an imminent sign of the beginning of labor, the pressure exerted by the head of the baby or the contractions that begin to be present can cause the breakage of the water.

What happens when water breaks? What are your symptoms?

Many women have the privilege of presenting and feeling the breakage of water, some define it as a large jet of hot liquid that runs through the legs, while others feel like small urine leakage that leads to confusion.

Of course the rupture and exit of the amniotic fluid is a painless process, the fluid leaves the vagina without causing pain although many mothers feel a noise when the bag breaks like a snap of fingers.

The color and consistency of the liquid should be taken into account since a liquid that manifests blood or dark color is a reason to go to the hospital and observe that everything goes conveniently. The breakage of water consists of a colorless and odorless liquid so the mother should not be alarmed and also go to the hospital since labor can occur minutes or hours later.

What to do if the amniotic bag breaks?

One of the processes that indicate that the delivery is about to arrive is the rupture of the bag.

When the bag is broken, it goes outside amniotic fluid that he was inside, surrounding the child through some membranes.

The amniotic fluid contains water and cells from the fetus, chenous vernix that is a layer that covered the skin of the baby and vernugo that is a hair that rolled the part of the body of the fetus.

In the interior of the mother, the amniotic fluid, like the other components, has its function and was to give the fetus a safe and comfortable environment, allowing it to move smoothly and without problems.

The fetus inside the mother and thanks to this liquid will be isolated from the world but with the necessary protection for its development and giving it adequate hydration.

When the bag breaks?

The rupture of the bag can occur at any time, it can happen while still at home or when you are in the maternal but always accompanied by a contraction.

In certain cases, the bag may be broken before labor contractions begin, leading to a Premature rupture of membranes, that does not have any complication as long as it occurs after the 37th week of gestation.

When the bag is broken before week 37, you will have to go to the doctor urgently so that they take the appropriate measures in this case, they will be able to provoke you the delivery or you will stay in the hospital until they consider it necessary.

Normally the rupture of the bag occurs before delivery and in the correct week without further complication, in other cases, contractions of labor may begin and it will be the doctors who will break your bag. This article is published for informational purposes only. It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Physician. We advise you to consult your Trusted Doctor. ThemesGiving birth

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