Water: benefits, properties and uses

We are composed of a large part of the water, which, at the same time, we spend and we need to replenish so that our organism works. For the skin, the mind, the body ... water offers us many possibilities and is a necessary asset to live.

In fact, the General Assembly of the United Nations approved, in 2010, a resolution that recognizes drinking water and basic sanitation as an essential human right for the enjoyment of all people.

The incredible benefits of water

Water to drink

We are pure water, and we are formed by 60% of it, always depending on the measures and physical conditions of each person. We need about 2.5 liters of water per day, (in summer something more) so that the body acts correctly and there is no dehydration. For this it is vital to drink large amounts of water a day that we can also obtain from foods rich in it, such as fruits and vegetables.

Water offers many benefits, which is why it is always recommended by doctors and nutritionists in substitution with many other drinks that are totally unnecessary. It is advisable to reduce those with sugars and gas, and avoid alcohol as much as possible.

The advantages of water for the body are thanks to the minerals and vitamins it has to drink, when it is safe to drink. For example, you need to drink water for the proper functioning of the kidneys, in addition to allowing a good general hydration, especially in people with high risk of dehydration and in times of high heat. Drinking water while eating is good to facilitate the absorption of food and this has as a consequence a better digestion in general. Unlike the consumption of other beverages rich in sugars, the water is safe, which favors the maintenance of the line and body to not increase fat or kilos.

The advantages of water for the skin

Thanks to its antioxidant and hydrating power, water is one of the fundamental compounds in cosmetics, creams, soaps and other products related to beauty and aesthetics. It offers a deep restorative action, since hydration is necessary to renew the epidermis, to finish with the imperfections and to perform exfoliations for its maintenance, perfection and rejuvenation.

Body and mind

For this renovation and the amount of benefits it offers, the thermal and spa centers are the order of the day so that the mind relaxes and acquires well-being. For example, water is used in different massages, such as the spa that eliminates muscle pain and offers all kinds of sedative effects.

The power of the water goes further and in the spa, the thermal zones offer a world of water of different temperatures for the body and the mind. In these areas the thermal circuits have areas where water is the protagonist, since the baths were already discovered by the Romans for their pleasant benefits. In this case, in addition to removing impurities from the skin, spas and spas perform treatments with medicinal waters that have greater properties than conventional ones to treat more complex physical ailments.

In such places we find from contrasts showers that can be regulated, to foot baths where the water is used to massage the feet, pools of cold water and hot water, jacuzzis with bubbles that benefit the neck and back, ice areas and much more. The contrasts of water are therapeutic, like the great part of the thermal treatments that are offered in the spas. Its results translate into a clear and renewed mind, the stimulation of circulation, end the pains of legs and feet, and the offer of body treatments to eliminate toxins.

Water, a scarce commodity

We have seen that water is a good and a right for all people to live. The absence of this can lead to a complicated state that leads to death. Water is a scarce commodity, and as such, it must be preserved. We must, therefore, make responsible use of water.

Some of the practices that we can do are to reduce the expense of this at home, adjust the water level in various appliances such as in the washing machine, turn off the tap when we have already used it, when we brush our teeth, or we wash our hair , among other actions. This article is published for informational purposes only. You can not and should not replace the consultation with a Nutritionist. We advise you to consult your trusted Nutritionist. ThemesWater

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