What a name to put my baby: the definitive guide to choose it

The birth of a baby is without a doubt one of the most lively and happy moments that can be lived in a couple. It is the purest confirmation of love and affection that exists between both and that can last perfectly until the end of his days. In short, a new member in the family is a milestone that will mark the rest of our lives forever-

Since the precise sex of the baby is known, there are many couples that are already starting to to think about and discuss what name I should carry the same one. And you? Are you in this situation and you are completely lost when it comes to calling your future child?

Well, through the following lines we will give you a series of guidelines I'm sure you will be very useful.

Reach an agreement with your partner

First of all, it seems vital that both parties reach an agreement. There are many couples who are immersed in bloody discussions "imposing" the name that is most to your liking without having the slightest intention to reach an agreement.

We can only tell them that having a baby is a two-way thing. And to start already with discussions about the name of the child are not going to get anywhere. Moreover, these can endanger the relationship if we take them to the personal level.

For this reason, always try as much as possible to reach an agreement. And if you like two very different names, you can always unite both in one compound, an option that can please both parties without the need to reach a confrontation.

Your baby's name has to be a reflection of your heritage

It is also very common that many people are completely lost when choosing the name of their baby. Given this, it is best to think carefully about what cultural and identity factors define each of the parents.

A clear example of this we see with the amount of biblical names that the Christian religion has given us and that undoubtedly have become the most common names of all the generations of the western world.

It is also possible to choose a name in honor of a family member recently deceased and we do not want it to fall into oblivion. In this sense, we recommend asking advice to your closest relatives (especially those grandmothers) if you are lacking in ideas.

Avoid rhymes or sounds too bombastic

Okay, we've finally been able to choose the name of the baby. However, the problem comes precisely by joining it with the family name. It may sound somewhat bizarre, especially if they create rhymes or strange sounds between the name and the last name.

Therefore, it is discouraged to choose full names that may result later in the child becoming in the center of mockery and ridicule upon arriving at school. Keep in mind that the bullying is a pretty serious issue that affects millions of minors at present and that can have a most negative effect on the normal development of their childhood.

In this way, if we can avoid bombastic or too bizarre names, surely the child will thank us for life when he is a certain age.

Carefully study the meaning of the name for your baby

Notably Greek mythology has also left us with many names that must be taken into account when assigning them to our baby. For example, Alicia means noble woman, while Damian is related to the divine.

Celia On the other hand, it has a lot of meaning with the moon and everything related to the mystery of the night. Hector means hero Y July means man with colored hair or Sixto flattering man

In short, there are many sources that can be consulted through Wikipedia and can serve as a source of inspiration when choosing the most appropriate name for our child. The truth that is a decision of the most important since the name of our son will accompany you forever from the precise moment of his birth. This article is published for informational purposes only. You can not and should not replace the consultation with a Pediatrician. We advise you to consult your trusted pediatrician. ThemesNewborn

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