What are co-payments in health insurance?

If at any time you have considered the possibility of take out health insurance, or if even in these precise moments you are thinking about it, it is possible that you have already encountered some 'strange' words and different important elements to consider before signing the health insurance policy.

First of all, as we already recommend in a previous note, there are some issues that you have to consider before hiring a health insurance, while within those elements that we mentioned in the previous line we are on the one hand with the known as pre-existing, and on the other hand with what is known as co-payment.

But before continuing with this article we will rediscover what is a medical insurance: it consists of a contract that a person establishes with an insurance company, in which what remains insured is the health of the person, since it is the insurer which must cover its medical expenses according to the conditions indicated in the aforementioned contract, and which appear after the contracting (otherwise it would be known as pre-existence).

What are co-payments in health insurance?

As its name indicates, A co-payment is the means of financing a specific health service for which the person pays a certain amount each time they use it.

In medical insurance, the copayment is an additional payment that the beneficiary of the medical insurance must make to use the service, in addition to the periodic fee that must be carried out according to the contracted conditions.

In this sense, although it is true that the client does not pay the price of private medical consultation or medical treatment completely, he does have to pay a certain minimum amount.

In this way the health insurance companies avoid the client suffering genetic rises of the premium to all customers, since a distribution of said cost is made according to the individual use made by each one. In addition, the client is made aware of the responsible use of medical services.

All health insurers have medical insurance with co-payments, but they also have certain insurances in which there is no co-payment. However, this type of insurance usually has a higher periodic premium.

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What is Co-Payment in Health Insurance (February 2024)