What are comedones, why they appear and how to avoid them

There are many problems that can affect our skin. From the appearance of annoying and uncomfortable grain (As you will surely know, they are medically known by the name of acne) until the existence of more serious and serious conditions, such as, for example, the case of psoriasis or the skin cancer.

However, while it is true that at any time in our lives we may suffer from a problem or condition on the skin (a good example is the baby atopic dermatitis so common especially in babies and young children), the truth is that During adolescence the appearance of skin problems is more common.

The causes we usually have to find in the large amount of hormonal changes that occur during this stage, in which precisely young people are in constant development. In women, for example, it is common for acne to appear after age 12, while in men it is common for it to appear more severely after the age of 15. In many cases, in men the appearance of acne tends to be severe.

But there is also a very common skin problem that affects many people every day: it is known by the name of comedo, and this time we will know a little more about them.

What are comedones?

With the name of comedones we know the appearance of small bumps that give the skin a rough texture. These comedones can be white, dark or simply maintain the color of the skin (that is, flesh color). Basically we could define them as clogged pores that in the end result in the appearance of black spots or pimples.

In fact, the color of the comedo will depend directly on whether it is an open or closed comedo. Thus, it is normal for the open comedón to be dark in color, while closed comedones tend to have a white appearance.

Usually the most common is that they have a rather small size, and often in the middle of the protrusion a solid core can be observed.

What are your causes? Why do comedones appear?

The causes that cause the appearance of comedones depend directly on the stage of life in which we find ourselves. Thus, for example, during adolescence the cause is found in the hormonal changes that occur in these years, when the increase in hormone levels is accompanied by increased fat production or oil on the skin.

Therefore, the accumulation of fat or oil in the different hair follicles cause them to become infected and / or inflamed, resulting in the appearance of acne, and later the comedo.

However, when comedones appear in adults, the most common cause is the existence of hormonal imbalances, especially as a result of the consumption of certain drugs or drugs that affect hormones.

It is also common to find comedones during the Premenstrual syndrome, when it is common for hormonal changes and swings to occur.

Symptoms of comedones

The most normal thing is to find comedones in the opening of the different pores of the skin, and they tend to be shown as bumps with a rough texture and white, dark or skin-colored colors, being more common that they appear in the face, in the neck, in the chest or in the back.

It may appear dark if the comedo is open (due to the existence of melanin inside it), or white if it is closed. Thus, it can result in the appearance of a pimple if the follicle is completely blocked.

What to do to avoid them?

The truth is we can not avoid the appearance of comedones, since its appearance depends directly on the different hormonal changes that occur in our body, especially when those changes are as a consequence of normal hormonal changes (for example, during adolescence or premenstrual syndrome).

But it is possible to maintain an adequate dermatological health, to reduce the problem when it appears.

A good option is to wash our face twice a day always with warm water, and using a mild soap developed for people with oily skin and acne. In any case, we should avoid cleaning the excessive skin, since contrary to what is thought, we could cause skin damage and cause it to dry or irritate.

It is also advisable to use non-acnegenic or non-comedogenic lotions, which are ideal because they do not block the pores. Further, it is not recommended to squeeze the comedones that are shown closed, since we can damage the skin even more and we run the risk of increasing infections.

Acne | Nucleus Health (November 2022)