What are the hormones of happiness and what are they for?

Think a little about how many times you've longed to find a magic potion of happiness. Surely many, and each time you came to the conclusion that-unfortunately-this is ridiculously impossible. However, perhaps this is not so, because that potion of happiness is not only possible to find it, but it is inside us, specifically in our hormones.

Although it may sound like a story for the most skeptical, not only do the hormones of happiness exist but their positive effect on our mood is scientifically proven. Luckily, we know a lot about them and how to stimulate them to increase our levels of happiness.

The adrenaline

The first happiness hormone we will talk about is the adrenalin, of which you have probably heard more than once. Its function in our organism is vital, since it is what is segregated in a situation of danger or tension. It allows us to react quickly to an unexpected circumstance such as a possible traffic accident or an assault.

Adrenaline triggers several responses in our body, all aimed at responding to this dangerous situation. Increases blood pressure and increases breathing, which gives us more energy in the muscles that prepare for a possible escape or a greater effort (the famous story of who holds an extremely heavy wardrobe preventing him from crushing another person). The functioning of our brain and senses are also sharpened.

Adrenaline may also be in response to a stressful situation such as an exam, a presentation before a large audience or a job interview. It is also segregated in love situations: when we blush or feel that the heart will escape from our chest, it is the adrenaline doing its job!

Adrenaline can also be associated with activities that involve risk, vertigo or speed and produces a feeling of euphoria that is extremely invigorating. To be able to stimulate it you can practice sports such as surfing, mountain biking, climbing, rafting, skating, playing paintball or any other adventure sport.


Although it does not have as much press as adrenaline, the serotonin is another happiness hormone, which is associated with pleasure and humor. It is segregated in our central nervous system and they have a lot to do with mood.

When a person has a low level of serotonin can trigger depressive states and personality disorders like compulsive behaviors. This can also bring sleep disturbances, decreased sexual desire or an increase in appetite (especially carbohydrates) which can lead to unwanted weight gain.

To keep stimulated our production of the hormone of happiness of serotonin we must follow these tips: reduce stress situations, avoid excess heat, eat well, reduce alcohol and caffeine consumption, expose ourselves - carefully of the sun.

Another way to develop higher levels of serotonin is by doing pleasurable activities, from sex to a hobby, sport or artistic activity ... or all of it.


We have already talked about this famous hormone of happiness called endorphin, what They are associated with feelings of calm, well-being, joy and the state of falling in love. Endorphins also have a natural analgesic effect and reduce our anxiety.

To activate the production of endorphins there is much you can do. As we said, are the hormones of falling in love, so from seeing the desired person to sexual relations (including also just kisses and caresses) will awaken the production of endorphins.

You can also practice a sport that you like, especially those that involve resistance exercises such as swimming, biking, skating, running or hiking, as long as they are enjoyable. It has been proven that with acupuncture, with aromatherapy and with greater contact with nature, endorphins are also increased. Finally the last great method of cultivating these hormones of happiness is laughter: laugh, smile or die of laughter until you cry! This article is published for informational purposes only. It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Psychologist. We advise you to consult your trusted Psychologist.

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