What color of eyes and hair will the baby have?

One of the traits that parents pay more attention to when their son is born is precisely the color of the eyes It should be noted that sometimes it is impossible to make a completely solid and demonstrable forecast on this subject since the tone of the child's iris and hair can vary with the passage of weeks from the moment that his mother gives birth.

This is ultimately the world of genetics. As fascinating as the most enigmatic in equal parts. In fact, despite the fact that there are many scientific studies that have tried to clarify this issue, most of them have not been able to establish a clear and definite pattern that tells us with certainty what the color of the eyes or hair will be. our son / daughter

Anyway, to make a predefined idea, we can always go to what are known as "Laws of Mendel", a scientific study that was carried out by Gregor Mendel in the nineteenth century and that was a revolution in the field of biology.

This Augustinian monk of Austrian origin conducted a series of investigations using only a pair of peas with the sole purpose of knowing how genes behave in future generations. And he was so successful, that from then on he is known worldwide as the "father of modern genetics".

Thanks to genetics we can predict the color of eyes and hair of the baby

Thanks to these laws, we can make a slight idea of ​​how the eye color of our children will be. And for this we will put a very clear example. The dark colors of eyes are always present in the dominant genes(TO) while other lighter shades are the so-called recessive genes " (to).

Imagine therefore that a father has the black eyes (A) while the mother has celestial ones. From here, all the children will leave with the eyes of their father or mother (Aa) but since the dominant one is the black color, surely the future offspring will have more possibilities of having the dark eyes.

However, there is also the possibility that both parents have light eye colors (a) And therefore the children are more likely to go out with the light eyes in green or blue tones (aa).

The color of the eyes and hair will not be well defined until five months

As you will have seen, Genetics offers us a wide range of possibilities that sometimes is something complex to understand, especially if we are not gurus on the subject. Although it can give us a certain preconceived idea of how the eyes and hair color of our children will be in the future.

But as we explained to you at the beginning of the article, this will be an aspect that will be defined little by little. You have to remember that the melanin a pigment that is in charge of granting the color to the iris, skin and hair of the baby.

As many of you will know, it is a substance found in cells. And since these are not fully developed at birth, it is completely normal for the color to change gradually.

Therefore, we will have to wait at least five months to know more exactly what will be the exact color of our children's eyes and hair. During this time does not influence breast milk at all, a myth widespread among society but lacks a solid scientific validity.

By way of conclusion, we can only say that genetics is completely capricious. All the theories that we have explained here have collapsed in some occasions. In fact, a server like me has blue eyes and nobody in my family has them.

And from there, three cousins ​​after me have also come to the world with the blue iris. Therefore, the best is Do not eat too much coconut with this theme and simply let "nature" take its course. This article is published for informational purposes only. You can not and should not replace the consultation with a Pediatrician. We advise you to consult your trusted pediatrician. ThemesNewborn

Why Do Our Hair And Eye Color Change? (March 2023)