What foods should we avoid before going to sleep?

When you sit on your couch after a day's work, many times you just want to relax a bit watching TV and then go to bed as soon as possible. Especially if we take into account that the next day you have to get back up with your batteries fully charged.

But nevertheless, More and more people find it difficult to sleep. This can be due to many reasons such as stress or anxiety.

Although the guilt that we suffer sometimes from insomnia It can also be due to the intake of a series of foods that we should avoid as much as possible.

Saturated fats

Who does not like to drink something rich and greasy after having spent all the energy in working and attending to all our professional tasks.

We arrive at the refrigerator and we make ourselves a pizza because it is something that is done in a short time and it satisfies us a lot.

However, if we abuse the Saturated fats so present in fast food (burritos, hamburgers, pizzas etc.) will cause our intestines to have to work at forced marches.

And this friends will only result in insomnia pictures that will obviously cause us to take an extra time to fall asleep. Remember that you should avoid any copious meals before going to bed. Surely your health will thank you.

Very spicy food

Here something similar happens with saturated fats. Numerous nutritional studies have concluded that if we abuse spicy food, we will only cause a large amount of acid to be produced in our stomach.

Therefore, when going to bed, it is very likely that we suffer from acidity that can reach the cavities of our esophagus.

In the long run, all this produces a great sensation of suffocation and general malaise that will obviously have a negative impact at the time of falling asleep. Chilli peppers, exotic spices, hot sauces ... All this should be avoided before going to sleep in order to get up much better the next day.

Soft drinks and soft drinks

Almost all drinks sweetened with Fanta or Coca-Cola contain a high content of carbonated water. The gas is only going to make our stomach swell as if it were a mere balloon.

Therefore, when we go to sleep, we will only feel the most swollen with the discomfort that this implies.

On the other hand, all sodas are a great source of sugars and stimulants of all kinds that will only lead to having to go to the bathroom a couple of times before falling asleep again. If we want to rest and disconnect our problems, it is best that we sleep our eight hours of rigor without having to suffer any kind of interruption, something that just does not get with this type of drinks.

Caffeine in general

Caffeine can be a great ally when it comes to enjoying extra extra energy when we have to work for long hours. However, do not you think this is counterproductive when you want to rest ?.

Therefore, we strongly recommend that you avoid caffeine consumption at least three or four hours before going to bed.

The same thing happens with the so-called energy drinks, they are a real "boom" of caffeine and other sugary components (among them taurine) that are only going to get your eyes "like dishes" right at the precise moment you try to sleep . It is even likely that you take a couple of hours to stay fully asleep because of these drinks. So the farther you stay from them, the better. This article is published for informational purposes only. You can not and should not replace the consultation with a Nutritionist. We advise you to consult your trusted Nutritionist.