What is Homeopathy and its differences with traditional medicine

The Homeopathy It is a treatment system that was born at the beginning of the XIX century approximately, that uses remedies lacking chemically active ingredients.

Its creator was the German doctor and chemist Samuel Hahnemann, which is fundamentally due the foundations of modern homeopathy, which were collected in a book that even today constitutes a true "bible" for homeopaths.

The beginning of Homeopathy

Homeopathy emerged at the beginning of the 19th century, offering itself especially as an alternative to natural medicine at that time, based on the theory of Hippocratic moods (theory about the human body adopted by the philosophers and physicists of the ancient Greek and Roman civilizations), and whose therapeutic form counted on bleeding and purgation as main modes.

Homeopathic remedies are prepared by repeatedly diluting a healing agent; generally to such a degree that not even a molecule of the original substance remains.

Its bases were formulated in the 19th century; however, the principles on which it was based had already been discovered in the beginning by Hippocrates, a Greek physician who lived in the fifth century BC.

As can be understood, homeopathy is a therapeutic technique that is based on the principle of curing a thing with the similar, which basically consists of administering to the patient substances that, at large doses, cause symptoms similar to those of the disease. .

However, the secret of this therapy is that these substances they are administered in such small amounts that, instead of provoking the disease, have an opposite effect, helping the organism to overcome it.

An example of homeopathic application

To a certain extent, it may be plausible - and understood - that the concept on which homeopathy is based is not entirely clear.

For example, a patient with a fever "traditional" doctor would prescribe drugs to lower the temperature. However, a homeopath would give another to increase it, assuming that fever is a means used by our body to combat the disorder.

In any case, we recommend you always follow medical advice before submitting yourself to any homeopathic treatment.

Some homeopathic principles in "traditional" medicine

Although its empirical and theoretical foundations are not accepted by any important scientific or medical organization, there are some principles on which homeopathy is based, such as the case of vaccines, in which the germ causing the disease is used for stimulate the body's defenses, preventing it from occurring.

It is usual that, in fact, the homeopathy be very criticized from various scientific sectors, especially because (at least for now) there is no real scientific evidence to prove its effectiveness. And, nevertheless, it would be demonstrated that most of its benefits are contributed only by the so-called Placebo effect.

Therefore, maintaining a certain objectivity before these treatments will be useful to discover what is true in all this. And, of course, it is not at all advisable to change the advice and medical treatment for a homeopathic treatment.

Differences between homeopathy and traditional medicine

The homeopathy he heals for "semblanzas", not for "contraries". That is, in "traditional" medicine the disease is clearly seen as a real enemy that we must defeat; However, homeopathy has a much more global vision, helping natural defense mechanisms to overcome the disease.

Another very important difference is the individualization of the treatment itself, in such a way that homeopathic remedies act on all the spheres of the individual, of the person himself, both from a physical and emotional point of view.

The person is considered as a " all", And not only the disease is considered, but the needs of each individual are met, so that in a homeopathic consultation we can find two brothers who consult for the same problem but who, nevertheless, receive different treatments.

We recommend you always follow medical advice before submitting to any homeopathic treatment. ThemesAlternative medicine

Any Difference between traditional medicine and homeopathy (May 2023)