What is the evil eye and how to know if you have the eye on it (you are looking)

In certain cultures there is what is popularly known as the evil eye. It is a popular belief according to which any person has the capacity to produce evil to another person, simply by looking at it.

This effect may be unconscious or fully conscious. About the affected person it is said that "they gave him an evil eye". When we find it in many countries and cultures, we can say that it is, therefore, a universally extended belief, through a very great diversity of peoples and cultures.

By cultures, in some eastern countries it is believed that people with light eye color have a greater capacity and greater power to do evil eye. They think they have a lot more envy, so they accumulate so much evil within themselves that only by fixing their gaze on that person they envy have the ability to enchant her with the evil eye.

As we indicated earlier, popular belief says that the evil eye can be voluntary (that is, fully conscious), or involuntary (that is, totally unconscious). However, tradition says that the evil eye is the product or effect of envy -In negative aspects- or of the person's own admiration towards the other -in more positive aspects.

It is a condition that can be physical, emotional and mental, caused by the look of a person that many may come to consider as powerful. Said evil eye can be produced unintentionally, involuntarily, or caused in a totally intentional manner.

We can even consider it as a manifestation of energy, while its possible effects and symptoms will depend on whether or not the person believes in the evil eye. That is, if for example he believes in the existence of the evil eye he can feel and 'suffer' his symptoms, attributing it to someone else.

However, if that person does not believe in it, they will hardly think that it could be an evil eye.

How to know if you have an evil eye?

Those who have an evil eye are also told that they have an eye over or that simply they are peeked.

Maybe you think you have an evil eye; that is, someone has cast a bad eye on you in recent days, either because you are envious of them, because they hate you, or you may even be the case that you have simply done it without having wanted them.

While in a baby, although the symptoms caused by the evil eye tend to be general but when there is no other physical condition or disease is clear, in an adult may be the case not to be so easy.

The symptoms of the evil eye

However, in an adult person the evil eye tends to have a stronger effect emotionally and psychologically than physically (whereas in the newborn the opposite happens). If you think you have an evil eye, check out the following symptoms:

  • Nervousness, which in turn can cause nausea, vomiting and dizziness.
  • Sensation of continuous discomfort.
  • Inability to rest well.
  • Sensation of sudden paranoia, without apparent cause.
  • Sensation of deep fear without knowing why.

Remedy to know if you have evil eye

There is also a natural and homemade remedy to know if you have a bad eye without attending to the possible symptoms you may feel. It consists of putting a little olive oil on your middle finger and dropping this oil on a glass of water. If you notice that the olive oil is dispersed it is possible that you can have an evil eye.

If you think you have an evil eye, or want to take it from someone, you can learn more about it prayer for the evil eye. ThemesAlternative medicine

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