What is the normal temperature of the body

Did you know that the normal temperature of the body varies depending on the person, the age you have at the time of taking it, as well as the activity that takes place and the time of day in which it is taken?

Surely you will still remember when, as a child, you cooled or grabbed and your mother took your temperature as a way of knowing if you had a fever or not (a condition that you could even know simply by putting your hand on your forehead and touching your little body).

While it is true that children, having a poorly developed immune system, are often more likely to have a higher body temperature due to high or high fevers, it is always useful and recommended to know what is the normal body temperature, especially if you feel that you are sick and you think about taking the temperature.

The normal body temperature

As we indicated before, first of all before I told you about the normal body temperature It is very important to keep in mind that the temperature of the body varies according to the following conditions: the person, the age he has, the activity he has carried out before taking the temperature, and the time of the day in which it is taken.

In fact, body temperature changes normally throughout the day, so that it is not the same that is taken in the morning as we have risen, that we would have for example after having eaten.

As a general rule, most doctors agree that in adults a normal temperature ranges between 36.5 ºC and 37.2 ºC, although other specialists lower the normal temperature to 35 ºC. So that an average normal body temperature is considered to be that of 37 ºC.

Body temperature in babies

The normal temperature in babies can vary between 34.7 ºC and 37.7 ºC, temperatures that depend on the way it is measured, as well as the time of day it is taken.

If the baby is between 3 and 6 months old and has a fever of 38.3 ºC or more, it is recommended to call the doctor or go to his office quickly. The same happens if your baby is more than 6 months old and a temperature of 39.4 ºC or more.

Body temperature in children

The normal temperature in a child is between 36 ºC and 37 ºC, which varies depending on whether it is taken in the armpit, in the mouth or in the rectum:

  • Between 36 ºC to 37 ºC if it is taken in the armpit.
  • Between 36.2 ºC to 37.2 ºC if taken in the mouth.
  • Between 36.7 ºC and 37.7 ºC if taken in the rectum.

When can you say that the temperature is low?

It is considered that the body temperature is low when it is below 36.5 ºC. However, there is hypothermia when the body temperature is below 35 ºC, a condition considered very serious and dangerous that can cause the appearance of lethargy, shock, cardiac arrest and coma, so that it can be life threatening.

And when is it high?

It is considered that there is a high body temperature when it is located above 37.2 ºC with an oral thermometer, and above 37.7 ºC if a rectal thermometer has been used for its measurement. Above these temperatures it is considered that the person has fever.

On the other hand, we must bear in mind that the fever above 40.5 ºC is very dangerous, because it can cause tissue necrosis, delusions, cellular stress, cardiac infarction and paroxysmal attacks.

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