What is the parfait and how to do it

It is quite likely that by taking a look at the dessert menu of any of the restaurants you have visited, you have found a dessert written in many different ways: parfait, parfoi... Although the truth is that, in reality, his correct name is simply parfait.

If you thought it was funny and you asked for it, you probably found yourself in front of a dessert that surprised you, not only because of its presentation, texture and aroma, but also because of its incredible flavor, and because it is, in short, an unusual and different dessert . In fact, it is quite usual to be confused with the bavaroise (creamy dessert served cold but made with eggs, gelatin and whipped cream).

We are, as you might have suspected, before a dessert of French origin that was first elaborated in the year 1894. Originally, the word 'Parfait' can be translated as 'perfect', and it is the name chosen by the inventor of this peculiar frozen dessert, probably because he discovered that the combination of its ingredients must be exact and precise.

What is the parfait?

Basically, the parfait is an ice cream dessert, which is usually presented in the form of a thick block or sheet, whose main characteristic is its texture and creaminess, both conditions achieved thanks to the integration of some substance with a high content of fat, such as cream or cream.

Although it is an ice cream dessert, it differs especially in the ice cream itself in that when containing a greater amount of cream or cream, the dessert does not tend to crystallize, thus becoming a dish with a texture similar to that of a cream .

Deepening a little more, we could define it as a dessert or semi-cold cream sorbet, which is prepared as indicated by cream or milk cream. In fact, in France it is common to make it with whipped cream and / or Italian meringue, and it is usually served frozen.

It is common that it is made in the same mold, since it does not require any type of cooking and it must simply be frozen once all its ingredients have been combined in the precise and indicated quantities.

However, we must differentiate between the original French parfait and the one traditionally made in the United States, where it is common for us to find a dessert served in elongated glasses, consisting of a combination of ice cream and fruits that are arranged in the form of visible layers .

How is the parfait made?

The typically French parfait is made with the combination of two or more ingredients (usually milk and cream to be assembled), to which sugar is added and finally a touch of special flavor; Among those common touches we can mention hot chocolate, coffee, liquor or praline.

We propose you on this occasion a basic recipe of parfait, that we will elaborate only based on cream to mount, sugar and egg. The key? Very simple: choose between your favorite ingredient to combine with this delicious dessert at the time of preparation. The best? You can choose fruits (figs are the most traditional choice), liquor or simply a hot chocolate sauce to serve over.

Ingredients needed:

  • 500 ml. of whipping cream (must be at least 35% fat)
  • 100 gr. of sugar
  • 4 eggs

Preparation of the parfait:

First we must proceed to beat the eggs together with the sugar to get them to be mounted. For this we put the eggs in the bowl to beat together with the sugar and beat until the eggs are mounted and double their volume.

This is the time to add your favorite star ingredient. For example, if they are fruits like figs or strawberries, you can wash them well and split them into tiny pieces.

Assemble the cream and add it little by little, taking care that the egg cream and sugar do not fall.

If you want you can put the cream in a single large mold or in individual molds or containers. Now store it in the freezer. When an hour passes stir the cream to break the ice crystals that have formed and refreeze again.

Ready! Now you can serve accompanying the dessert with, for example, a little hot chocolate above, which will crystallize when you come into contact with the ice cream parfait.

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