What sport to practice? Tips to choose the most appropriate

If we take into account what are the different and distinct benefits of the exercise, there is no doubt that it is an option as suitable as recommended when maintaining good health. In fact it becomes a way of life rather than advised, especially if it is practiced with some regularity, and if possible every day.

It is useful and beneficial both for the cardiorespiratory system and the locomotor system, increases energy expenditure and fat intake, decreases blood pressure and cholesterol levels while increasing HDL cholesterol, exerts an interesting effect against anxiety and stress helping in its reduction, useful in the metabolism of calcium and can be effective against certain muscular pains.

But if we consider the possibility of starting sports, we probably have some doubts about which one to choose, and what kind of exercise would be the most recommended for us.

Aerobic and anaerobic exercises

As you surely know, there are basically two types of exercises: aerobic exercises and anaerobic exercises. Here we indicate what are their main differences:

  • Aerobic exercises: they are low or medium intensity exercises, but they have a longer or shorter duration. They require breathing, and are especially useful for weight loss because our body needs to burn fat and carbohydrates to obtain energy. In addition, they improve cardiovascular function, blood cholesterol levels and regulate blood pressure. They are exercises such as running, walking, swimming or cycling.
  • Anaerobic exercises: they are exercises of high intensity but short duration. It does not require as much oxygen as strength, so the energy comes from immediate sources that do not need to be oxidized. They include the strengthening and toning of the musculoskeletal system. They are exercises such as lifting weights or speed racing.

So what sport or physical exercise to practice?

Obviously, everything will depend on different elements and conditions to take into account before the election: for example, our state of health, if we have any type of injury or muscle problem, our personal tastes, and our own physical capacity.

If you choose to go running, you should bear in mind that it is considered a high impact sport, so that if you are not sufficiently prepared it can cause injuries such as fractures, sprains or muscle tears.

Going for a walk seems to become one of the best options When you start practicing physical exercise, mainly because it does not require much effort, it is not a high impact sport and it is extremely easy to practice. Of course, to provide us with real benefits, it is advisable to opt for walks of half an hour to an hour, two or three times a week, and do it at an accelerated pace.

Swimming is another advisable option, but it is recommended to start practicing it with the help / supervision of a monitor, who will advise us and tell us if we are doing it well or not.

In short, the key is to take into account your own personal tastes, and keep in mind what kind of physical exercise you can practice and what you can not. Then, the final record will end up being fundamental.

Images | Ron Cogswell / Chris Hunkeler This article is published for informational purposes only. It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Physician. We advise you to consult your Trusted Doctor. ThemesExercise