What to eat during the fall? The month of October

When the autumn begins, the weather changes, the days are shorter, the sun diminishes and it seems that the cold wants to make an appearance. Therefore, autumn foods will be rich in protein, vitamins and minerals and should provide us with the energy we need to avoid catching colds and avoid the most common diseases at this time of year.

October foods have to do with game meats, seasonal fruits, fish and vegetables that tend to abound in stores at this time. If you do not know what to eat during the month of October, here are some examples.

Mushroom on the table

The mushrooms Seasonal foods that go well with diversity of dishes. Although they are scarce, in October the mushrooms are combined with meats, in soups and creams and accompany the dishes to be even more complete.

Mushrooms have only 20 calories per 100 grams, and contain vitamins B and D, such as B2 and B3. Among its minerals, they are a source of potassium and phosphorus.

The grape, in October

Among the fruits of the October season, it is worth mentioning the grape. Once the harvest is finished, the grapes arrive at the tables in the form of wine and fruit, so we can take them in various ways and they will provide us with benefits for the organism.

The grape is antioxidant, so it offers a rejuvenating action on the skin. It also protects the heart and lowers bad cholesterol. The black grape is considered somewhat better by the amount of folic acid and potassium that is usually higher than other varieties of grapes.

Another seasonal fruit is the apple, which also protects the risk of cardiovascular diseases, while the pear, which we find in different varieties, according to its type, has, mainly, potassium and vitamins of group B.

Mackerel or tuna

The blue fish They are other favorite foods for this time of year. Sardine, mackerel or tuna are examples of these fish that contain Omega 3 fatty acids, which are beneficial for the heart and also lower bad cholesterol.

These fish can be eaten daily, in fact, we can eat fish four times a week, with a large contribution of the blue type.

Dried fruits: hazelnut

The hazelnuts and the walnuts They are October foods. Just take a small handful of these nuts daily to nourish ourselves well and be able to replace these foods with many others by providing the same amount of nutrients.

Hazelnuts give us energy and vitality, come on, what we need to deal with months of rain and cold. As we have highlighted, they are special energetic complements, since they are taken to the mountain when we have to make a long excursion. Among its minerals, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus stand out.

Hazelnut, a good part of which can be found in southern Catalonia, is also an antioxidant, protects red blood cells and prevents degenerative and cardiovascular diseases.

Brussels sprouts

The Brussels sprouts It is not usually a favorite food for the little ones, but you have to determine the amount of nutrients they offer to the body. They provide vitamin C, beta-carotene and vitamins of group B in addition to potassium, phosphorus and iodine.

And, for dieters, they are perfect because they have insoluble fiber and it is good for improving intestinal transit. Thanks to vitamin C it is antioxidant, it forms collagen naturally, while magnesium improves immunity.

Game animals, the hare

In October the hunting meats they are consumed in many occasions, especially in the special ones. The meat of hare, being red, is rich in iron, phosphorus and vitamins of group B, and is advised in people who have high blood pressure.

Although it has a diversity of nutrients, we must take special care with its high purine content, because game meats tend to have it, and this is not recommended for those who have hyperuricemia or gout, since they can increase the levels of uric acid in the blood. This article is published for informational purposes only. You can not and should not replace the consultation with a Nutritionist. We advise you to consult your trusted Nutritionist. ThemesAutumn

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