When to go to the urologist

While the urology is the medical-surgical specialty that deals with the study, diagnosis and treatment of the different pathologies that affect the male reproductive system, and the urinary system, the adrenal glands and the retroperineum of both sexes, the urologist - therefore - is ultimately the doctor specialized in urology.

Within the urology, yes, we find different medical sub-specialties, among which we can highlight especially andrology precisely because it is one of the most popular and known, which is the part of urology that is responsible for the study , research and exploration of any aspect related to male reproduction and sexual function.

Despite being a recognized specialist and known by many, the truth is that for many men visit the urologist-especially for the first time-tends not to be very easy, becoming in many cases a somewhat complicated issue. When in reality it should be the opposite.

If we analyze what myths or erroneous beliefs have led man to feel horror when he heard about the urologist, we will probably find several: from the fear of recognizing that some type of sexual dysfunction may occur (such as premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction) ), even the fear of diagnosing some type of problem or serious illness.

In the first case it is an unfounded fear, that even almost unconsciously would have to do with that self-created role for centuries that man must always be 100% active, and never have this kind of problems.

In addition, it is quite curious that the first urological check done by the pediatrician when we are born to check that the urinary system works normally and that the testicles are inside the scrotum, and then we almost "forget" to go to the urologist unless there is a problem Not even as a precaution.

We can pay attention to the volume of young people who have visited the urologist at some time in their life, and we would probably be surprised at the very few who have done so. Something that collides a lot if we take into account the daily life that means that a woman, arriving at adolescence, visits the gynecologist once a year.

When to visit the urologist?

Before reaching 50 years of age (and 40 years in men who have direct family members with prostate cancer), different urological problems may appear that should actually be evaluated by the urologist. In this sense, you should visit the urologist before the following symptoms or problems:

  • Presence of blood when urinating.
  • Urine infection accompanied by fever.
  • Presence of nodules or hard balls in the testicles.
  • Sexual problems: premature ejaculation, retrograde ejaculation or erectile dysfunction.
  • Lumbar pain that extends into the groin, or pain in the supra pubic area.
  • Sterility and infertility.
  • Involuntary loss of urine.
  • Urinary discomfort that alters normal daily life: urgent need to go to the bathroom many times a day and at night, frequent pain and / or weak urination.

For the rest, it is very important to go to the urologist once a year when they have reached 40 years of age and have direct family members who have had prostate cancer, or those who have reached 50 years of age, mainly for prevention.

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